Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Then there was one.

Well I got to Skype my family this past week! That ought to last me until mother's day! 
Besides that JORDAN GOT ENGAGED!!! haha like 10 mins. before I skyped hahahaha

This past week we had our Christmas Conference. It was a wonderful. It was all about being consecrated. The question arose "what is the difference in a good and honest missionary than being a consecrated missionary.  SO after the conference I thought well what can I do to be better to live this life of a missionary that the lord wants me to be. Part of that is being a repentant missionary. I heard a talk given by Elder Holland and he said "you can't travel down what Lehi calls forbidden paths and expect to lead others to the straight and narrow. NOW don't think I am in trouble on my mission. I try to do my best to follow, but this is just what I learned haha 

The Games day wasn't as good as last year but you get what you get and don't throw a fit! 

This week was also kind of tough...my companion has been told that he has scolioses but we aren't sure cause the dr said go to ortho but he doesn't get back till next year. So its just been really tough!!! like we just try to study but he really can't casue it's tough for him to sit so....yeah....I am not sure! I hope he is ok! 



Monday, December 21, 2015


Short time today because it's Christmas con!!!! but this week was great!!!!!!

Well it was alright!! We are just really trying talaga but it's like we are hitting walls, but we bust through them with hard work and stuff.... hahaha...

BAD NEWS.....Elder Fransico was having back trouble...so we went and got x-ray...he has a case of scoliosis and a grade1 1 somthing with a C4 and C5 so its rough...but we still work...keps his mind off it. 

WELL its the most wonderful of times....and you'll be doin just fine in your christmas of white but!!!! if you have a couple of minutes go to Christmas.mormon.org for a great chrismas there is a great video called A Savior is Born it rocks my socks!!!!!! 

Well you know this e-mail will be great next week but I am short on time!!!! LOVE YOU ALL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Life. Christmas. and the Pursue of Salvation


So I am so sorry but I actually forgot to tell all of you this...While I was in Santa Ana I actually ate SHARK and Sting Ray.

Anyway it is so close to Christmas. You can, like, tell that it's so close cause I am getting Skype text....from president about Skype...mom, dad talk to Jordan. I told him...cause I wasn't sure you were up.

I love this time of the year in the Philippines. They are so giving and love to carol...they just ask for money..we give pamphlets..life!

Well this week we were able to see one of our best friends Kasalyn be baptized. She is the ID of butay and she is the best and soo happy! It was a little hard. We had a little mishap with the authority that was suppose to preside and be there to conduct...we got it good when the YM president was just in the FM Office... hahaha and he texted the 1st councilor.

I am thankful for this mission and a cool thing happened this week. The Filipinos have to now spend 3 weeks at the MTC in Manila so to cope with that, the April transfer will be 8 weeks and I will be getting home 2 weeks later.....Aug 23 if you were wondering. WHAT A FUN TIME!

Life could not be any better if you ask me!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.....but I might not be here next week till late week or not at all.....cause we have Christmas conference on Monday but yeah!!! just ask my fam bam they will see me!!!


"when the angle said 'fear not' it was not just for the wise men but to all of us to say ' fear not your savior is born, from this time forward fear will never win'" D. F Uchtdorf

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tan Tanner

WOW what a week one in the new area! 

Funny story first. The elder that I just replaced in this area, his name was E. Tan. who if you remember is a great guy we trained at the SAME time. 

This week started with an 8 HOUR trip from Santa Ana to LAOAG... yes I was so tired seing how I just packed and did't sleep than I just tried to sleep on the bus. 2 Am was the time the bus left. so yeah it was all great....except the fact I fell asleep a couple times in the day and like I nodded off in the last lesson in the day...BUT the next day I was kinda ready..lets just say Thursday I was all good!    

The only hard thing about this transfer so far is that Elder Tan is rich and the people know it and he made empty promises to give people stuff.....but yeah that happened so I did the best I could do and earn trust....example...our fear was one of the LA wouldn't let us talk to him so what happen was we waited for his grand children who are our investigators were hopefully coming but wala so we just talked with tatay..the thing is tatay is a Chinoy...Chinese/philippino just like Elder Tan. but man it was great to talk to him. Actually I learned from him. how to be a leader he use to be one and it was way cool! 

This week to we have Baptism who is way excited she is wonderful and soon after is her family....Fun fact her dad is way cool he is a national hero...of San Nic... he was part of the national police (PNP) and he swore off a group of new people army (NPA) ( look them up in any questions ) Basically he is way cool but president will be the one to interview him in due time. ( swore off odes mean kill.....) 

Today was great we practiced for our christmas con skit and than went to the mall and it just happened that president was there and treated us to mang ingnasal ( its a place that gives UNLIMITED RICE!!!!!!

Well that is a kool kat email hope you like it!!!!! 

Hope to hear about your christmas life! 


COOL STUFF...not really

SAD news I was going to use an elders camera to send pic...but the computers wanna not work today soo...yeah 

And I AM BEING TRANSFERRED AGAIN!!!!!! San Nicholas WARD near the mission home and in the city...also if any one ask it is a 5 to 9 hour bus from Santa Ana to Laoag so yeah.

This past week was pretty slow and just down right ok....

I am sad to leave Santa Ana and Cagayan and all that but back in a ward and in the city it will be nice!!! 

On a better note!! We saw progress in the area and we just might of had baptisms but it will be for the next guys and I trust them cause one was in my old zone! 

Hope you all have a great week!!!! Hope to hear from you! 

Monday, November 23, 2015

WEEK 5 curve ball

It has now come to my attention that i forgot about thanksgiving. That's OK I have trouble explaining to Filipinos what it is anyway, I mean you tell someone who not an american that we eat a ton of food and sometimes it get thrown away and we give thanks #america #thephilippineschangedme

So this week was a fun weird week!

We started off slow but just trying our best!! Than (funny story) The District leader told us that we need to be early like 7 am so we got there...wala pa...he didn't get there till 8. Sad part he didn't need us at 7, he need our house mates hahaha...

Then the AP's for a couple days were following up asking like how our day was and all that, so Saturday we thought you know we just need to do our very best like more than our 100% so we put 300% more into and when I say that I mean three more hours of work into our day.....sorry we didn't study! oh pala 10 LESSONS

So we got to church after we attempted to pick up people who didn't even come...We go to church and notice a group of people we taught on Friday was all there from Barangy Punti. They are out standing people. Another LA that was offended, CAME!! In all it was great to be a SANTA ANA Elder on Sunday!

Monday was MLC once again it was amazing and we took in sooo much!!!!!

BUT after we didn't wanna wake up at 3 to catch the 4 am bus so we caught the 5:30 but that actually left at 4:55 so we made it, got home and had a great night of sleep! so I am here now and love it!!!! also yeah!!!!! not much I can ask for....

Well I had this great experience using the Book of Mormon this week! the offended LA that we taught we were not sure how to meet his need it was so hard!!!!!! So we thought about it..for like 2 days then boom came to me...we actually shared the story of who Teancum was and how people felt about him after he served in a calling.....if you don't know what I mean...ask my mom or dad or any Mormon....they can help...



Monday, November 16, 2015

I'm just going to tell you things about this place.

I guess I can start by telling you about my week first.

So this week me and Whitrod thought we ought to try a new finding idea. So this week we stayed in our sentro area (its the place in the middle of Santa Ana with most people and the church) to look for boarding houses. So there are some big casinos and a ton of people work there. So at these boarding houses there are just these workers...WE FOUND A TON OF PEOPLE THIS WEEK!!!! mostly girls but that's ok that we have fellowshippers right!

That's about it though.

So I don't think I have said much about Santa Ana

It is a great place also a place with a ton of Chinese because of the casinos, but that's cool! It's a coastal town and small but it's also large in land mass. NO Puregold, no city, just the market.....so Grandma I can't say it is properly refrigerated, just sit out there fresh. The fish is the most fresh...like still flopping around.

To get around we just walk, ride bikes or tri-c or jeep or UV VAN or a new one called center car it's like a tri-c but bigger and cooler.

We love it here...well I love it here..life is simple and amazing. I don't even miss washing machines..... AND I LOVE THE PEOPLE... I always remember my bro saying love the people..it's really hard not to love them...I will say this, I am not like Jordan and get to go shopping at English shops for good stuff; ours is all knock-off brand but that's what I love....it's easy and amazing!!!!!!

WELL I THOUGHT MY CAM WOULD BE GOOD...maybe next week...
love you all!

Monday, November 9, 2015

LAOAG forever.....

So this week we had a wonderful 4 day trip to Laoag and this is how it started:

So Tuesday was MLC and Elder HAYNIE from the area presidency was here and we had the most amazing MLC ever. I learned a ton for my life and the welfare of my zone!
Wednesday was alright we just worked in other areas and my old, one but that night we had a fireside and it again was great! about combining members and missionaries.

Thursday we had our conference and it was just amazing. We were taught on using all of our resources like members and all the people haha it was really great!!!!!

THAN THERE WAS FRIDAY...going home the bus left at 4, we got there 3:50. The bus was full, then it was like turn heads "what now zone leader? what do we do?" ( I can make a long story short) Everyone is OK, but this one elder who said last night he will be a burden on us.....I told him that's OK as long as you know we are sorry....but or trip was rough. We got home way later than we wanted to....took 1 bus, 1 thing, and 1 uv van yuck.......1 stop in Magapit Appari and then Santa Ana.

But then Saturday and Sunday we worked and it was great!!!

I found a camera fixer so next week I will have them...until then love you all...

Monday, November 2, 2015

We are both in SANTA ANA

SO I thought I would just start by saying this...me and NICK LONG are on other parts of the world but we are both  in SANTA ANA hahaha that's awesome right!

Any way this week was a good week. We did some more finding than we usually do. It was way fun as usual and Elder Whitrod is so fun to find with. We just go door to door and just knock and it's like being in another... usually we find people outside!!! We met great people!!!

Elder Whitrod pointed something out. He said the one and only hard thing about a Philippines mission is we teach soooo many people, but only a few except us. So that's life.

This week though we go to Laoag for 4 days for MLC and mission tour. Elder Haynie is in the area presidency now and coming here. I am stoked!!!!! We leave later!!!!

with love ET

Monday, October 26, 2015


SO this week was transfers!

Tuesday I was on a bus forever and after that on top of a jeep thing it was way fun!!!
SO no work that day and the next day we were able to go to a progressing investigato and teach him! He got baptized on Saturday!

SO Thursday I was not able to work...I had SORE EYES...i'ts pink eye but worse.

So it was the worst and then on Friday we got to work and that was still hard hahaha. We just told the world about a baptism and it rained and my eye hurt hahahaha but it's life!!!

Saturday that was a good day!! we went to work in the morning! then we went to the church and got to have a wonderful baptism and did the baptizing at the ocean ( my first) its way cool!!! it was like roll up you pants don't get wet...oh wait high water! hahahah it was funny to go back to the MEETING HOUSE and be all wet!

Sunday was way fun ton of youth in the branch!

ANY way Santa Ana is amazing and its huge land area but it's a port town with 3 Chinese Casinos. I can't wait to go.......JOKE LANG!!!!! It's all coast line and 9 hours from Laoag and is far from the culture. I really love it here and I am still a ZL and this is my first AUSSI companion!!!

There are 4 elders here all in the same apartment so it's been awhile to have an English companion and house mate! But we have a main room and 2 bed rooms and a kitchen and CR or comfort room or bathroom, yes, bucket and ladle shower!

I love this work and my camera still jank!! SO LOVE YOU ALL!!

Monday, October 12, 2015


So if you can't tell Jeffery R Holland Gave a talk that in all aspects MOVED MY SOUL.

Sister Marriott reminded me of all the woman back home hahahahah ALABAMA yata i'll let Zach be the judge.

So this last week was great. We had interviews with President Andrada and that was cool! He rocks!!
HE talked to me about being focused. He said even though we may be in a hard area, focus on the things you were asked to do and the rest will come!

Thursday was ZTM..if you don't know what that is, it's this. On Monday we have Trainings all day as zone leaders and Sister training leaders, After that we return to prepare a training coming from the trainings given by AP or pres. It's WAY FUN!

MY training was on VISION I wanna share the story I told...

SO there was a man, very wealthy, and he bought a ton of land. The only thing was this land had trees and a dirty stream etc. SO he asked 3 Men to look at his land...then the rich man asked a question WHAT DO YOU SEE? The first man said I see trees, streams, it's not a pretty place....the second said the same..it's an ugly place. Then the third, he said " I see houses, kids running around, I see a park with little foot bridge over the stream and in the distance I see big buildings alive with busy people." The rich man hired him...BUT WHY...BECAUSE HE HAD A VISION...

So that was way cool!!! Conference was way THE BEST.....1 MORE........

my camera is broken so I will send pics next week!!! LOVE YOU ALL A TON!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

SO that happened

So I could not wait till next week so I went and saw the new apostles....I had a feeling it was a member of the presidency of the 70 but thought it was Clayton....

This week was alright!

I learned somethings this weeks. I learned that no matter what the social status people will listen..here's the story...

So we were looking for people to teach and we had a referral to find. \We asked where they lived (side story in the Philippines every one knows every one. You can ask anyone and they are like ahhh over there even if it's a kilometer away) any way so they said the green fence. So we went. it was a big house we met a man that is very rich....two cars one is a Mazda....hahaha but we taught him and he totally loved it...great questions great lessons..he lived in the US for 26 years all over and it was awesome!

This morning we had a great activity as leaders and yeah we had an hour of free time....totally played golf this morning...

I got a little sick but that's all good!!! I live and push on!!!! well my camera broke but it's an easy fix. but I can't do it so yeah walang pics. BUT LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A Great WEEK!

Monday, September 28, 2015


So this week was tough as in we faced defeat talaga.... hahaha on Thursday we were in an area called Lanao. We went to one appointment and they weren't at the house and then after we went to a house nearby....to our surprise we saw the sisters with our previous appointment and our next appointment going to a house we went to earlier that afternoon.

I told Elder Ramos to text pres to tell him we wanted to be transferred, but he said we would only respond if it was extreme...so he told him we wanted an ET. Sure enough he called, asked what happened...I had to be the one to talk to him...and I told him all the troubles that we have seen or faced this week...that's a lot.....in short what I said was "this branch has had a bad experience with elders I think its time to have just sisters"

OUR LIFE ROCKS!!! I hope all of you had a great week!!

Other than that I heard there might be a tsunami so yeah I AM SAFE just hope the best for the members who live near the sea. BUT I LOVE this work and all those I talk to everyday. WE love our companionship and get a long so well hahaha I love it! TOMORROW IS mission conference so I get to see some peeps so that's cool!

SO the other night we were walking and we thought it was a short cut..it was kinda but it was junk!!! but so dark and Elder Ramos kept pulling pranks...did you know if you run passed a cow they freak out!!!

I FORGOT MY CAMERA....next week na lang


Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's almost 1st Christmas

UM YEAH so as a missionary there are things you get way excited for...1st Christmas is not like regular Christmas it's.... GENERAL CONFERENCE...so will say this now...I see it a week after all of you in America...don't spoil it. Yeah thanks....love you

ANY way so this week was way cool! I loved it very much hahaha BUT IT WAS SO HARD

We have noticed that when we split the area we lost a lot of or investigators and RC that we teach....SO WE DID A TON OF FINDING...lucky for me I have 2 companions Elder Ramos and the spirit to guide us....we found some wonderful people and some...well, they are still wonderful just not a fan of us......imagine that people don't like us.....hahahaha...

SO this week we had ZTM this is were we take the training that President Andrada gave us and train the elders and sisters in are zone alongside the Sister Training Leadrers or STL....so that is way fun!!!! hahaha

But on a harder note I was able to talk to one of the members here who I have seen go from active to less active to apostasy....As we talked he expressed the thoughts that satan has entered into the church due to what he says is poor leadership and other things I will keep to myself. As we continued I said "Brother, can we at least stop by and teach" his response was don't...I know what my lesson is.....my heart hurt, I felt my eyes water, but he said elder it's ok...we are still friends.....

life is rough....




I will send pics soon after my comp done with my quan


Elder Ramos made a ton of sopas..Tagalog....with the spam grandma spent (fun fact I like that and tuna......) also it's crazy expensive here so it was nice to get it for free.....but there was so much and Elder Ramos was just like " man lets use these for bowls...hahahaha sooo good! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This is weird!

SO my email is still being dumb but bear with me!

AnyWAY this week was fun I guess!! hahaha but it's transfers and my new comp is Elder Ramos. He's in my batch going home so that's cool.

THIS week was pretty slow but that's ok we still had fun!! I am really going  to miss my comp he's hecka coolo!

This week we saw 2 investigators at church both really great ones, just need to be married!


So there is this huge church here for short its just INC. It's a Spanish name.
Basta they are pretty much in the early stages of apostisy. It's sad to say but it's just part of hastening the work.....They are the kind of church who rule the land who the politics try to impress! To get there 3 million followers to vote that is that.

I love my work!!! hahaha There is something fun!!!! so MY BIKE we were coming down a steep rocky hill and my back tire is super sad and no track so the brake didn't work but the front did!! yeah I'm dumb!!! I didn't get too hurt, just a scrape or two and a bruise on my knee...that's cool!!!!


This week also we are moving out! to another apartment.....it's way nice, smaller but nice!!!!!! YAY for privacy

Well I think that's it!!! I miss you all, but it's less than a year;)

Monday, August 31, 2015


Any way this week was way cool. We got to work and there was no storm at all!

This week we were able to teach...hahaha ok give me a second I have to think!!!

OK so this week we had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the AP's hahaha that was way fun. We met this guy who is very old and only spoke little Tagalog...but he understood!! But it was fun watching the other 2 (there was 3 of us (one AP)) try there best Ilacono. We really had a great week though and are excited for this week!1

If you are wondering because I don't really say much about my apartment.....it's nice. No I don't use a bucket. I actually have a shower!!!! hahaha Well you have to turn it open with a wrench and it is still cold water so that's cool! we have a kind of story house. It's weird but our room is downstairs our kitchen is on the half floor and, yeah, we don't use the upstairs but for a closet because it's tooo HOT.

THE past week was cool.....I guess, we had a a huge storm that just did a number on the Ilocos and no one in the entire region had power but us thanks to maybe the wind mills.

I forgot.....I hit hump day!! thank you all for helping me and teaching me to do the best!!! Can't wait to see you in 1 YEAR


This was at Hannahs 2 weeks ago!!! There are a ton of these statues all over

 I show you another that I really like. ​We are totally BAGAY. (a thing) 



​STORM it was the day after 

down goes the banana tree



Monday, August 24, 2015

No power but doing ok

Got a very short email from Owen today. They've had a bad storm and he is without power but safe. I heard that there are 300,000 people without power.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

hey you guyz

First off I'm sorry, we went to an activity this morning and I thought we would go home first, but we went to the comp shop first so I don't have my camera stuff but next week will do because I have a ton of pics from this morning.

This week was a little tough...I said last week that out mission president came to sacrament to help us out.....it helped....but this week as we taught we taught the brother involved in the thing...he says he still knows the church is true but doesn't want to go because he doesn't like the leaders (local that is). We told him go to Pagudpud...he won't because he doesn't like the district president. Then the hardest part came. We began to teach another person who had told us all the stuff the brother who doesn't wanna go to church told her some things. As I heard these things and went home to study I am in Alma in the Book of Mormon, the war chapters....I have read many times.."and he stirred the people in anger"  This is by far the most challenging thing I have faced....but we taught her...we stressed about it over and over and over...but as any other BoM prophet would do, we prayed. for her and the area!...the Sunday lesson that this girl gave was what I feel an answer to her prayer.....I hope she sees it too....

ANY WAY my bike sucks! Funny story, last night it broke, ride-able, but no peddle......so Elder Pereda fixed up his bag handed me the strap and towed me home.......

THIS morning we went to a place called Hannahs...not going to lie I wouldn't mind honeymooning there...it rocks!!!! That's where a lot of my pics came from this week!!!!!

I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL SOOO MUCH have a stoked week!!!!!

P.S wala...joke lang

P.P.S next week pics

Monday, August 10, 2015


I LITERALLY HATE BIKES.....mine has been a huge pain in my side....and my hands and my money.......BUT I got some DOPE upgrades.....and when I say that I just mean new seat post and peddles.....

ANY WAY....I think I have been in a bus more than I have my own area this week....I went to Claveria....it's in Cagayan. That's my first time to be there.....like a boss...And went on exchanges with elders who have some sweet comp unity.... but they still got nothing on us!! BOOOM not bragging I promise...

Yeah so after what happened last week at church, President Andrada came to church...wow every one was on their best behavior.....hahaha it was pretty fun...

I really love this work, this area, this everything. I have never loved something that tears you more emotionally, mentally and physically than this...I love it and it loves me. well here'a some pics haha

Have a great week!!!

​my former or now companions 

ummmm yes her shirt says OSU Cowboys. 

​no helemt no ride...and a mad delish sugar butter roll 

​yeah thats life yo! 

​derrrrr,... ​it says " FORBIDDEN TO PEE HERE"

​ ​this is where it doesn't want you to pee

​our morning bike ride... hecka hard but i did it 


I don't think I said this last week but my new companion is a Filipino ELDER PERADA ( PER-ADA...yes like the town in Oklahoma) and is way cool he goes home with Elder Robles. We love it in this area and are having sooo much FUN!!

Well day one we go there and it was pretty much the average day got on the bus went to the area bought food and went to work after studies!

SO day 2 is where we start having fun!!! so the area is up kinda in the mountains and there was this curve that we were coming down and it was dirt and then concrete. I was just following Pereada but I guess I took the turn to sharp, tried stopping and put my foot down...wrong-o lets just say I was on the ground on my back...I AM OK!!! just the hand thing you know...but I mean I'm a pro at falling so wasn't my first rodeo. I think the best part was listening to the lady freak out and run to me ahhaha in English "ARE YOU OK!!!" but I thanked her and said next time I will do better.

Then after that day my bike just sucked.....seat broken, pedal wala na. haha but I don't complain cause that what my trainer said never do....

OUR COMPANIONSHIP is so strong we get along so well...we actually have a baptism Saturday and it's going to be cool. We are in a meeting house that has a baptism font...OUTSIDE LIKE A BOSSSS hahaha ah man I'm just waiting to go north and try it in the ocean! MY batch (Kid I went to the MTC with) did it in the RIVER!!!!!

SUNDAY......was just ahh.....MIDDLE OF PASSING WATER one of the members decided to just be rude.....idk and the passer got mad..they pretty much almost fought in sacrament....our RC tore the kid off before he swung....NEEDLESS to say we went to that rc after he had a cig in hand and just didn't care for life......I being new bore testimony first.....hard to do..I feel comfortable in my Tagalog..but with a little spirit..ahhh it was hard.  any way

SO YESTERDAY I HAD MLC that's why I am here now.......IT was way fun and stands for missionary leadership council......it was all great until this one thing happened....I don't know if it was a hardening of hearts or what....I'll just say this, the last scripture President Barrientos shared with us was John the Baptist about Jesus....I must decrease and he must increase...now that's what President B's council was for us...but In the MLC elders were comparing and murmuring about the things President Adrada was doing. right in front of him to him....it was embarrassing...I just....ah I had to step back and just breath and pray for president....he's a month into a calling of hastening the work all the council he gives is from hand books and PMG but it was so hard for some people to take in as if the were hard hearings.......I hope their hearts will soften and they with sustain our leaders

Well that's all for the week love you all!!!

P.s. I'm in Laoag right now so I forgot my cord so wala picsa yo..sorry

Monday, August 3, 2015

What just happened

So first I have to say sorry to Clark....I made fun of him for buying a selfie stick on mum's day.......ummmmm I totally bought one....you would too if they were 3 bucks...150 pesos


So after training usually you get transferred but I'll save that for the end.

So The sad part of this week was saying BYE to everyone.....that stuff was hard!

I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with an elder in the district! In their area!!! the elder is American, Elder Montley from Washington!!! HE is a new missionary but still really good!!! I was excited because they have a fellowshipper...then a dinner appt!!! I was very happy!!

SO I really just wanna tell you.....I went on an activity with the RCs and investigators. We got permission to watch Meet the Mormons AWESOME MOVIE!! You should all watch it even if your not a Mormon. It's good!!!

ANY WaY so I'm going to be transferred to a wonderful place of.............should I tell you.........

I'M GOING TO BANGUI (BUN-GEE) AND.....IM GOING TO BE A Zone Leader!!!!!!!! well I'll send pics now.

​these are my friends! the baby is sooo funny!!!


here the time when Pres call...it's real hahaha 

​REAL SL for you clark

​this my crew!!!! 

​bro Ignatio and our ivestigators

TAHO!!! its really good and is made with tofu and warm brown sugar water and other cool stuff the balls 

I love you all have a great week!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Twas Cool

YAW it was my birfday TWAS COO

But now I'm going to write like I'm educated!

MY birthday was way fun. It started rough with the morning of finding but then for lunch we went to chow king...Chinese food! And the next door elders bought me a cake...cause I paid for food.....then after we studied we went to work and did some work!!!! Afterward we went with brother Joey and his....special friend to 7-11 and that was way fun (CAUSE WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY)

This week in work though was alright. Yeah we improved a little and the things are going better but it was still crazy!!!

This morning we had a zone activity and went to the beach to play games!!! It was way fun!!!! But I can't swim even though the water was super crazy! BUT we had sooo much fun!!!! played games!!! and ate food and took a lot of pics...that I'm going to send today

Work rocks, Life Rocks and I'm thankful for those who said happy bday cause it's nice!!!

Want a chicken foot?





​here in the philippines they just use knives to open cans...you can tell




our "jumping" pic


this next one is embarrassing, but this is our dirty dancing 


Monday, July 13, 2015

All the Above

FIRST OFF I am grateful for all that has happen this week. This week we saw a LA sister who just had a kid. Now when I say sister I mean she's still 17 yata, but she is very awesome. She was very happy, and happy to show her very cute kid. She said after a little bit she will go to church. It's strange to me, a person who doesn't really want to go now....wants us to bless her kid. But what can you do you can't teach LOC she already broke it .....I learned from E SEU, na just love all no matter what even after you read this next paragraph

This week another thing happened that hasn't happened in awhile. A brother was looking for our landlord who is a Doctor. We told him that he was in Manila till tomorrow and upon looking at me he said "ay Church of Jesus Christ" then went on to tell me to look at other churches as my soul would be damned to hell..... Thanks brother have a great day. That is all.

LIFE IS GOOD 2 days from the big 19 and I am almost a year into this....I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY! This week we were able to meet the new pres at a conference and then on Thursday we had ZTM. that was 2 mornings gone I work...
Earlier we had INT with pres to get to know us. OH man I got the best letter from my mom cause it had pics in it|!!! hahahaha

The weeks just boom by!!! but I love it!!!! hahaha

Um I really didn't take pictures this week. Nothing happened....but that means there will be a TON NEXT WEEK!!!


What are you do. Where are you go

So  this week I notice one thing. As a foreign speaking missionary your native language speaking skills go bad.....I mean bad...so this week while in language study Elder Ellis said what are you do? I have come to notice my English doesn't suck cause I speak Tagalog every day, it's the fact that every day I speak to a French speaker and two Filipinos who all wanna learn English....so things kind of just pass now cause they make sense, but it's not correct grammar and I'm just like, yeah, and then boom goes my lang hahahaha

Another funny thing I was just on lds.org...there is actually a PDF to show missions that don't need suit jackets now.....hahahaha of course I was on....as of all the Philippines

ISA PA NOT FUNNY THOUGH.....So this is mostly for family but just so you know too...there is a storm right now but its only signal 1 right now meaning weak and there is a mist rain coming down.....since Sunday at 1PM and. yeah. it is a bagyo. but we got the news there is one right behind it! If the two combined it could be a super typhoon.... Last night there was a earthquake that was muck bigger than what I have ever felt....and an aftershock but nothing broken or anything......I AM OK even if the storm does get big there are things in line for our safety.... I just tell you to update so you don't freak out. I am alive. I am Ok and if the storm get signal 3 we are on lock down. Earthquakes...well lets just say what Elder Ellis said this morning "If I am not dead it's not powerful. If I wake up in spirit world..then I will say that was powerful."

ANYWAY this WEEK was cool....so our new mission president came in...work didn't stop...yet....Wednesday of this week we have a meet the mission president and wife conference. But I already met them on Sunday!!! and the 3 KIDS

THIS week was also good to see that we were able to have an INV at church who is way solid the only thing is is he is from Manila......no Ilicano He didn't really know Ilicano so yeah!

This week we met this way cool sister named Sister Garcia...she is from Negros (south near Cebu.....) BUT she is way cool and she is a LA but her husband is a year older than me. She's 21 yata BUT she is so cool and was like can we have an FHE SOON? I was like DUH~!!!!!



If you ever think your mom and grandma don't know you.....go on a mission and have  a birthday....I got two lovely life saving boxes!!!! both the best thing ever!!!!!!

AND I worked out for 10 mins. the result was wet. Didn't even work that hard it's just that hot.


Monday, June 29, 2015

This week.

So before I opened lds.org I already knew what happened stateside and was glad the church handled it the way they did.

ALSO so here is a fun fact. I speak a different language and to build trust with less actives we talk about things they like.....Lebron said he was the best after game five, Warriors won, he cried and then K Love and D wade went and changed into a yellow Lakers jersey and the rest is history....NOW I SWEAR I AM OBEDIENT TO RULES I PROMISE that a Less active told me that.....any way moving on.

This week was real tough...and that doesn't even say the half of it....

BUT it was also ZONE CONFERENCE...President B's last. He goes home in 2 days. Oh man it was about marriage and going home...I had to recover from that hahaha and if you ask why recover? I mean not being trunky.....with a year. But that went away fast as we were able to work in the afternoon.

So I forgot to say the last transfer I got permission to wear my sandals because one, it rains every day two, my shoes died. pics will be here.

So I don't have any cool stories so I'll share about one of the less actives we teach. You know the one who loves to tell me world stuff like basketball. Every time we teach him, he has very DEEP question but they always come back to repentance....at first I was light as I am told to be, but he didn't budge...I shared with him not to procrastinate the day of repentance....he still didn't go to church so we went last night....hopefully, let's just say he comes next week.

THIS week also a member gave us three dragon fruit for free!!!!! They are soooooo good!!!