Monday, February 29, 2016

MARCH 5 and the Prophet

YES you mark your calendar for March 5 for the wedding and baptism OF the BUTAY FAMILY!!! Well (this is me explaining the prophet part!) Tatay butay has a history as police...and other things so now we have to wait for approval coming from SALT LAKE....good thing is mission president interviewed him and said that he is way good!!!! so we wait but his wife is this up coming March 5.

This week was all good. We did a ton of just looking for people!! but we also had fun doing other stuff like finding new investigators.

This week we really used the time to go visit with members....I don't know why but some missionaries don't like to.... they just go to the bishop and stuff....any way we had two appointments the first one was really good cause the family has pretty much taken in a convert who is struggling in life...she is 14 has a "boy friend" twice her age, doesn't go to this family is great for her!!!! The only bad thing is she doesn't like live live there so she goes home or to her sister's house who..isn't like the best not that she abuses people but she is just a bad example..yeah she has moved from poverty to middle class but...well you know what happens when people make money.....BASTA...after that they gave us some good treats....a ton of we were full...but we went to another member right after who actually gave us dinner!!!!! It was soooo goood, but now I know what the stateside guys feel!!!!

This week was great if you ask me!!!!! We were successful in finding! so couldn't ask for more!!!!

love you all!!!


OK I was a little tired! but we had service that day! 

HANGING can't see but it's bamboo and two thick cords holding it up over water

looks like a banana, no......if you open it is just full of cotton!!!!! 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It means so much to everyone

So this past transfer or so we have been working with the Butay family...yes the national hero...killed people to save his people....and the problem was they aren't married...but this past week we had a meeting.. President Andrada brought up a thing that might make it possible for them to get married so the stake president checked for us... there is an executive order number 209. its says,

Art. 209. Pursuant to the natural right and duty of parents over the person and property of their unemancipated children, parental authority and responsibility shall include the caring for and rearing them for civic consciousness and efficiency and the development of their moral, mental and physical character and well-being.

So Basically it's not all about them if they get married it's for the kids...they have 4. It's actually a big deal cause everyone loves them and they are going to make everything so great so yeah MARCH 5 we will have a wedding baptism.

This week we did a ton of just looking for people...less actives to be exact. it was all fun and walking forever!!!!

So it's transfers and none of us are getting transferred so this is my first companion I have for more than 2 transfers other than trainer and trainee....OH YEAHHHH

thanks a ton for all you do!

 BROTHER his real name is Brightly was his mom's favorite song when he was born.....he's getting married and had no money to buy a coat so boom 

MOMS anti-trunky Quote!!!!!


me and some peeps in my district/zone  at basketball

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week of small and simple blessings

THE work was really hard!!!!!! Wasn't the best but it goes on.

But this week I had opportunity just to really learn things about me and other things.

There was one day that we just went out and talked to everyone we saw...We met an American who is way cool, but he has been everywhere and said his cousin is a red shirt at OSU quarterback I think....Moyles.....I forgot....BAST...He was way cool!!!!

YESTERDAY I had one of the DL's, actually our house mate (kabahay), want me to follow up with him....he asked me a question cause the past few days it's been thin ice with him.....And I explained myself......he said "now I know I felt like you had a hand to my neck just waiting for me to mess up but now...I know you love me" ALMOST CRIED


But also coming home I sat across from this baby that has Autism...I smiled at her and she would smile back, then I would smile bigger, she would get touched my heart in a way that I feel no matter what happens in life it's all OK because its just...I can't explain.....just the joy it gave to see a baby girl smile, that will probably have a really tough life, can give time to smile to a weird American..I can give time to find joy in all things.

Well that's rock!!!!

Mac and Spaghetti... BOMB!

Native Pig 


Monday, February 8, 2016

Q and A

SO This week was good. I really loved work this was a short week but here's how it goes...

Thursday was ZTM and just before it started President texted and said he will be I love training but like I don't stand in spot. I move around, get people's attention! but like I was afraid President wouldn't like that but I didn't want to be robot while giving a training so I just pretended he wasn't worked and people loved my training....I hope

Friday while weekly planning we went through the records in the area book to see people who went to church and stuff like that but for another reason they stopped and it was just like we looked for them, met a ton of them, and are hoping to teach them!

ALSO AP texted Friday and said exchanges....oh boy.....thhhhhh

Saturday was just finding but...That night a sister in my district asked me a question about the bible....I answered but then I said to keep my mind focused just ask me any question you since Saturday I have received text with questions. At one point it was all the San Nic missionaries talking about the thing that was's great to be familiar with the I can do that, but it always gives my thoughts a higher place to be.


I'll send pics..

This is how you know it's our water!

saw this while talking to a woman....guess we have been there before....


I think these pics are a product of "this computer sucks"

looking good!!!!


still looking good

TIE FIGHTER hahahaha 


Valdez family. I was the one who interview them and worked with the elders at their house....LOVE THEM 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


First off thank you all for the words of encouragement. This week was a good week. Tuesday I got a new companion...Elder Peña, he is from Peru..yes we talk soccer...but now he lives in Queens, New York.

So we started this week with just trying to figure out what to do....last transfer we really didn't find much or stuff So we really went finding for....every one...Members that I didn't know Less actives and of course New investigators.

One day as we had been finding we walked down  a street and I notice a small wallet thing... I grabbed it, and it felt my thought was like ID's for school and all that...NOPE I opened it and there was at least 5000 pesos inside...I looked around, was not sure who it went to....I looked and saw a house that was big...has a sign that said lawyer....I asked if it was theirs...a girl came out of the house and said thanks..."you are so honest" is what they said....NOW to prove to you that even though we live a life where we are set apart from the world, Satan is still a real person set on destroying us...when I looked in the wallet after I did't know whose money it was Satan said "you guys are a little low on money at the house and you could eat well later" Thanks to Grandpa Tanner's advice I laughed and said oh SALLY you crack me up.

This week also we saw the world wide missionary broadcast...Elder Andersen Talked about Always have Christ on our lips in all our teachings...I have tried it and it's the best!!! My teaching has been way better, more powerful talaga.....

I love this work and I AM SO HAPPY I AM HERE....I have a short time to show and prove I am the me I can be that is......

pics will came after this emailo...

love you all

So this computer sucks. Next week I will send some new pics, but here are some from Santa Ana that an elder sent to me and Christmas con.

Christmas con

ako elder Ferralles and Fainu

Me and my favorite kid in Santa Ana 

Me and the family that Elder Whitrod and I helped become active. The boy isn't related....the girls are so funny!

 Santa Anna boyz me, Saturos and Farralles and Whitrod