Monday, August 10, 2015


I LITERALLY HATE BIKES.....mine has been a huge pain in my side....and my hands and my money.......BUT I got some DOPE upgrades.....and when I say that I just mean new seat post and peddles.....

ANY WAY....I think I have been in a bus more than I have my own area this week....I went to's in Cagayan. That's my first time to be a boss...And went on exchanges with elders who have some sweet comp unity.... but they still got nothing on us!! BOOOM not bragging I promise...

Yeah so after what happened last week at church, President Andrada came to every one was on their best behavior.....hahaha it was pretty fun...

I really love this work, this area, this everything. I have never loved something that tears you more emotionally, mentally and physically than this...I love it and it loves me. well here'a some pics haha

Have a great week!!!

​my former or now companions 

ummmm yes her shirt says OSU Cowboys. 

​no helemt no ride...and a mad delish sugar butter roll 

​yeah thats life yo! 

​derrrrr,... ​it says " FORBIDDEN TO PEE HERE"

​ ​this is where it doesn't want you to pee

​our morning bike ride... hecka hard but i did it 

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