Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This is weird!

SO my email is still being dumb but bear with me!

AnyWAY this week was fun I guess!! hahaha but it's transfers and my new comp is Elder Ramos. He's in my batch going home so that's cool.

THIS week was pretty slow but that's ok we still had fun!! I am really going  to miss my comp he's hecka coolo!

This week we saw 2 investigators at church both really great ones, just need to be married!


So there is this huge church here for short its just INC. It's a Spanish name.
Basta they are pretty much in the early stages of apostisy. It's sad to say but it's just part of hastening the work.....They are the kind of church who rule the land who the politics try to impress! To get there 3 million followers to vote that is that.

I love my work!!! hahaha There is something fun!!!! so MY BIKE we were coming down a steep rocky hill and my back tire is super sad and no track so the brake didn't work but the front did!! yeah I'm dumb!!! I didn't get too hurt, just a scrape or two and a bruise on my knee...that's cool!!!!


This week also we are moving out! to another's way nice, smaller but nice!!!!!! YAY for privacy

Well I think that's it!!! I miss you all, but it's less than a year;)

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