Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas in Vigan

So this Christmas other than what candy and the speakers I got in the package from home, I got a broken yo-yo from my house mate Elder Miller and foot spray for stinky feet...lets just say we have been in the same house\ since August. haha  It was a busy Christmas...the 24th we worked 8-12, 1-5 then lock down! Christmas....8-12, 1-8 pm grabe and a ton of food...sooo full!! Elder Robles made a makeshift grill....rice cooker and a grill top. haha so nice! and cooked some bomb food!! Then the 26th I got to see my wonderful family, side note..so the white book says 40 mins max sooo yeah any way!!! but it was way fun for sure!!!

One  thing that the Philippines does is celebrate for like 7 days straight..it's been fireworks like every night! They are so loud and the kids have these things that look like a potato cannon, but the just go boom and they are way loud... sometimes they let us make them pop!! It's so fun!!

I will admit I have had some foods that make my tummy "go boom in the night" like street food!! but its only the bbq. haha  The members fed us so much on Christmas!! my tummy was soo full and had soooooo much Pepsi

I suck at writing any way this week was crazy!! but guess what...Elder Robles got transferred.

Mahriap talaga but my companion's name is a name that means the world to me but in no relation (that we know of ) it's Elder Hickey! he super cool. taga utah po siya

OK so this week is really weird. I'm sorry. But anyway I am now the senior companion...to the district leader....I got a little stress going now!! but I know that I can do it!!!

It's an amazing time here and I'm glad to be staying in Vigan!!!

well now I'm done!!! hahaha sorry!!


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Monday, December 22, 2014

This week

This week was crazy good. we went to Laoag for Christmas conference and I learned a lot....new standards and bars have been set......

We are now to get 50 lessons a week...and 2 baptized a week....soo that's next year!!

Anyway I think I might just answer questions....then talk a little about this week...

Q: How do you get around?
A: I don't have a bike, I walk..or ride a tryc or bus

Q: Do you eat?
A: Yes, my comp is a great cook but has become lazy, makes us cook...I can now no longer say that I can't cook cause I can...so that's cool

Q: How are you?
A: I'm tired...there no such thing as being fully rested. haha I learned that this week.. I have bags under my eyes..but hey what do you expect, I'm hastening the work...that's not easy stuff man

OK now my week..
Well this week we went to Laoag and our DL was like we have to leave early..little did he know Partas could get us there in an hour....so yeah we were super early haha

We had a devotional with president about the 50 lessons. hahaha It was so great. Then we did an amazing race! haha we were on teams, had to run around get things and all that, haha Soo much running. My team won of course.. I met my mission family..my granddad and so on haha

So yesterday we told our elders quorum about the stuff....so the afternoon we got 4 fellow shippers and went on splits...Yes I led....I taught and talked and it was awesome!!!! After that we met back up went on a 15 min tryc ride to the south China sea. Taught a lesson with 4 fellowshippers to a family......what an experience...soooo

I might just send pictures to describe life..

Partas bus 

 Brother Paul, Elder Robles and a Tryc

Mirenda time with si brother Paul and Jerome

My life in a picture

Well love you all!!! bye!!!

Love ET

Monday, December 15, 2014

This Week

So this week was just dandy.

Tuesday we went to Allen and family's house...We waited for Tatay to get home with his son..and remember his son was very sick. So we got there and we saw him and his son come on a bike! The son was just back to his old crazy silly self! Thank you so much! is all I said in my prayer that night!

Wednesday was exchange day...we got punted 3 times before 9:30 ahhhhh but any way. We went finding and found some great people and walked forever, haha, but I learned a lot from a man going home in two weeks. He is the best and an Aussie/Penoy. haha The afternoon we had a fellowshipper who has a tryc and a huge help. We got punted from one appointment and he told me we should go to Padilia..I knew why... they are teen girls; he's a teen boy..but after they told us that we should go to Rabong house, a woman who's husband had a stroke. We visited and talked, taught and felt the spirit....great house so kind to us too..... The great thing is my DL said "yah, you can definitely lead an area." Yes, job well done, Elder Tanner.

Thursday and Friday we taught....this week was not busy because we got punted...but we did treat our fellowshipper Brother Jerome to Miranda, yummy 7-11

Saturday...lets call it punt day..... we had Jolly Bee for lunch.... I love that place....yah, that was my highlight......

I'm sorry this week was so hard.....not a lot just a lot of punts

love Elder Tanner

Monday, December 8, 2014

this week was crazy!

So I really don't feel like going day to day but I will cover Tuesday, Saturday and Wednesday. The rest I will just talk about.

To start Mom, Dad the office is delivering packages so I should have my stuff with in the week!

OK so Tuesday Elder Robles and I had the opportunity to work with Brother Paul and that was way way fun! We also have a brother in the branch let us borrow his tryc! So we head out but something happened...the tire broke, we had to go get it fixed...ahhh than to make things harder the entire mission got a text from president.... to teach 10 lessons (the usual goal is 6) so we taught the best we could in the morning. After we came home we made a large plan.....at the end of the day we had only 7....but we felt that our lessons were very quality.

The brother we borrow the tryc from his name is Brother Rapocon who is a huge help and also is very nice to us, feeds us and he has an awesome family. He is one of the more wealthy members. He runs a Pepsi distribution center and has a nice house and a car....that's big here...but his heart is the size of a elephants he is so willing to serve...he just took in two youth of the branch, who got kicked out, who don't have a family...they just have each other. But that's a story I'll tell some of you in two years. Every time we go there the wife says "Elders here take a Gatorade you look tired" haha big heart! They always give us Mirenda (snacks) that is the best and from the streets (the only time I'm allowed to have street food)

WEDNESDAY oh man....so Elder Miller and I went on exchanges. This was a hard day for me because we are in a new area. Elder Miller is amazing and Magaling at Tagalog like Talaga. Anyway the morning was very just finding oriented, but the afternoon we got punted twice before 5:30...We started the day at 5... blast. so what we did is we were given a name to find. We went to Rapacon we told him the name a Barangy. His wife gave us Gatorade. He opened the window, called two of his workers and they took us there. haha It was like being in a movie! After that and after getting lost, we kinda got lost.....We went to the Dupaya family and taught a lesson about forgiveness. It was the best!

Saturday. WAS Epic haha We Taught 7 lessons and all of them were very great..on a sad note..Brother Allen's son has very bad asthma and when we taught him last night they brought him out...it pained me to see him... the boy just laid there. The family was just so down. We taught about faith and hope and it hopefully helped...They were willing to let us bless him...I hope he does better. We love the family and the son. If you seen him jumping around then last night he just didn't move...ahhhh. So we got home and Elder Robles said "Elder you'll remember this night forever" oh man I thought I was in trouble. He made me count up the lessons (keep in mind the week's goal is 32) I counted them recounted and recounted again.....31 lessons...ahhhhhhh

Well that was all this week.....If you think this was too short let me know

-With Love Elder Tanner

P.S We went to the zoo and I touched a tiger and held a rat and sugar glider today.

Monday, December 1, 2014

This Week Was Wow

OK first I'd like to apologize but my keyboard sucks so it's hard to type!

Anyway I'll just start on what I've done today than go back last Monday. Well this morning we went to a member's house... well shop to eat lunch. He owns the Pepsi distribution so yes we get a ton of it. But they are great people and they fed us COW BRAIN soup this morning mmmmm mas masarap with rice of course and Pepsi and Mountain Dew yummy.

Last Monday after p-day Elder Robles and I went to two appointments and the first one was a family with 4 girls, one son, mom and dad...but they are all soo close and that's all that matters. They are a part-member recent convert investigator family but they are all so cool and they are another family teaching me Tagalog haha so much fun! haha but that's all we could teach!

Tuesday morning we went out to a new area names Ayusan Notre and that was fun looking for people. We worked with Brother Paul who was a huge help this week! We then went to the doctor and I got my shoulder checked out....I'm fine; don't worry.... anyway after studies we went to Brother Allen's and that of course was an awesome lesson.  Talked about through Christ we can become clean (faith). So awesome they are really growing and that's awesome!!!

Wednesday morning we did some finding and that consisted of sooooo much walking hahaha and no tryc but that's OK. We taught some good lessons, got more familiar with the area..we went to a recent convert's house name Brother Paulo his tatay brought out some sandwiches. They were just two slices of bread and mayo....soooooo good!!!! by the way the area was San Vicente so that's cool. This day was sooooo hot!!! I have no idea why it was the worst!!! hahaha but you can't slow on work cause it's a little hot! That night we taught a less-active who is funny because it was "elders I know but...." haha silly tatay haha. Then we taught the Dupaya family they have a daughter that's six named Shin..sounds pretty in a Tagalog accent. We taught family prayer and our goal is to get them to the temple! They are so amazing and so fun to be around hahaha. The daughter is the one that stole my planner and filled in all the key indicator boxes haha. She is silly. The other day Elder Robles was praying and she came up and stood next to him and just stared.

Turkey day! haha we taught the Abong family (Allen) about pagsisi or repentance amazing lesson!! again! hahaha but they have three daughters who are the coolest and all under the age of thirteen, but they are so silly! So a wise man named Clark Tanner told me to splurge on dinner so we got chookes togo (chicken) and durongs (rolls) and pop we set the table made mash taters and ate like kings...so worth it!

Friday we taught the Dupaya family and the Corpuz family (our branch president) and got purple potatoes yumm!

Saturday wow all our lessons had a member present and we got 7 new investigators...tatay Corpuz told us don't plan for the morning I will show you around. We had a powerful lesson with the gospel principals teacher's daughter and she came to church! sweet haha. Then we taught a loud but good lesson this family have a son who called me NBA and put on my shoes. He has the prettiest blue eyes like bright blue...his name you ask blue eyes...Elder Robles thought  it was the coolest thing ever...it actually scared me...Then we taught two more lessons that day but they were just getting to know them..that night we taught. After the sisters had a baptism we taught Paulo the law of chastity...I did...acceptable haha and then with our three fellowshippers we taught Allen of course a killer lesson!

Sunday....well let me just say me and Elder Robles are the poster children of the zone for investigators at church this week we had 6 hoping for 7 but one of Allen's daughters was sick. But that's OK haha. We then went to teach Allen's family and went to the Corpuz house for dinner. It was storming and half way through the lesson the power went out. Luckily for me I carry a flash light because the Allen's house is hard to find in the dark. So we finished it with that then the power came on to eat dinner and we rode in a car home!!! That's so nice!! hahaha Well that's my week! I hope you all had a good week! love you all. Thanks

Elder Tanner