Monday, August 10, 2015


I don't think I said this last week but my new companion is a Filipino ELDER PERADA ( PER-ADA...yes like the town in Oklahoma) and is way cool he goes home with Elder Robles. We love it in this area and are having sooo much FUN!!

Well day one we go there and it was pretty much the average day got on the bus went to the area bought food and went to work after studies!

SO day 2 is where we start having fun!!! so the area is up kinda in the mountains and there was this curve that we were coming down and it was dirt and then concrete. I was just following Pereada but I guess I took the turn to sharp, tried stopping and put my foot down...wrong-o lets just say I was on the ground on my back...I AM OK!!! just the hand thing you know...but I mean I'm a pro at falling so wasn't my first rodeo. I think the best part was listening to the lady freak out and run to me ahhaha in English "ARE YOU OK!!!" but I thanked her and said next time I will do better.

Then after that day my bike just broken, pedal wala na. haha but I don't complain cause that what my trainer said never do....

OUR COMPANIONSHIP is so strong we get along so well...we actually have a baptism Saturday and it's going to be cool. We are in a meeting house that has a baptism font...OUTSIDE LIKE A BOSSSS hahaha ah man I'm just waiting to go north and try it in the ocean! MY batch (Kid I went to the MTC with) did it in the RIVER!!!!!

SUNDAY......was just ahh.....MIDDLE OF PASSING WATER one of the members decided to just be rude.....idk and the passer got mad..they pretty much almost fought in sacrament....our RC tore the kid off before he swung....NEEDLESS to say we went to that rc after he had a cig in hand and just didn't care for life......I being new bore testimony first.....hard to do..I feel comfortable in my Tagalog..but with a little spirit..ahhh it was hard.  any way

SO YESTERDAY I HAD MLC that's why I am here now.......IT was way fun and stands for missionary leadership was all great until this one thing happened....I don't know if it was a hardening of hearts or what....I'll just say this, the last scripture President Barrientos shared with us was John the Baptist about Jesus....I must decrease and he must that's what President B's council was for us...but In the MLC elders were comparing and murmuring about the things President Adrada was doing. right in front of him to was embarrassing...I just....ah I had to step back and just breath and pray for president....he's a month into a calling of hastening the work all the council he gives is from hand books and PMG but it was so hard for some people to take in as if the were hard hearings.......I hope their hearts will soften and they with sustain our leaders

Well that's all for the week love you all!!!

P.s. I'm in Laoag right now so I forgot my cord so wala picsa yo..sorry

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