Monday, December 21, 2015

Short time today because it's Christmas con!!!! but this week was great!!!!!!

Well it was alright!! We are just really trying talaga but it's like we are hitting walls, but we bust through them with hard work and stuff.... hahaha...

BAD NEWS.....Elder Fransico was having back we went and got x-ray...he has a case of scoliosis and a grade1 1 somthing with a C4 and C5 so its rough...but we still work...keps his mind off it. 

WELL its the most wonderful of times....and you'll be doin just fine in your christmas of white but!!!! if you have a couple of minutes go to for a great chrismas there is a great video called A Savior is Born it rocks my socks!!!!!! 

Well you know this e-mail will be great next week but I am short on time!!!! LOVE YOU ALL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS 

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