Monday, October 5, 2015

SO that happened

So I could not wait till next week so I went and saw the new apostles....I had a feeling it was a member of the presidency of the 70 but thought it was Clayton....

This week was alright!

I learned somethings this weeks. I learned that no matter what the social status people will's the story...

So we were looking for people to teach and we had a referral to find. \We asked where they lived (side story in the Philippines every one knows every one. You can ask anyone and they are like ahhh over there even if it's a kilometer away) any way so they said the green fence. So we went. it was a big house we met a man that is very rich....two cars one is a Mazda....hahaha but we taught him and he totally loved it...great questions great lessons..he lived in the US for 26 years all over and it was awesome!

This morning we had a great activity as leaders and yeah we had an hour of free time....totally played golf this morning...

I got a little sick but that's all good!!! I live and push on!!!! well my camera broke but it's an easy fix. but I can't do it so yeah walang pics. BUT LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A Great WEEK!

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