Monday, April 27, 2015

It is HOT in LAWAG

Before you get all up in my Adobo about the spelling, hahaha I will teach you.

Ilicano 101: Laoag City comes form the Ilicano word LAWAG meaning sun..the more you know SUN SHINE CITY

And yes, it has been HOT! Example that Saturday night I had the worst sleep. It was soo hot!!! Our rooms, our everything, it was the worst! If the fan does not touch you, you're swimming in your own's like just the best....#toohot...hahaha JOKE LANG I LOVE IT! We also got a text from pres saying if you wanna study sa umaga and work afternoon thanks I'd rather melt and have a lot in the morning hahaha

Before I move on I forgot to add in my email last week what happened the Pday 2 weeks ago now. SO we have this Investigator named Jeffery (if you ever watch a Julian Smith video on the internet and they talk with Jeffery...he looks just like him.) but the thing is his house is in a cemetery cause let's be real, it's the Philippines and anything goes....and he used to grounds keep. But while we taught him. they closed and locked the gate..we left his house, had to fight off the dogs and saw the gate, said dang, but then we saw the gate for people not cars and it had perfect foot holes.....yes we jumped it. Yes we rock!!!

So this week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges. This time it was in my area but same elder. And again I learned so much about me...cause he isn't the best at evaluating, but for me that is ok...the cool part about it is we went to la paz and we were coming back from an appointment we taught and there were these kids who were all what up...cause I'm white. So I talked to them and their friends in fornt of their simple small church....before I knew it, 40 minutess had passed and I placed a polieto and a BoM. I felt realy good.

Elder SEU and I looked at our teaching and worked on things and it went perfect! Now it's alone thought train..

2 times this week Elder Seu gave me an Award for doing good. haha He said that my language has increased greatly and my teaching is great!!! I thank him for both!

I finally got the opportunity to work with fellowshippers here in Laoag..because they wanted to.  I tell you what, it's tough here, but I'm ready!

I don't have my camera cause Elder needed to copy pics so I let him...sorry mom, but I didn't take pics this week really. Well not a lot, I did take some. hahaha

It's weird to think Jordan has been home a week!!! swag hahaha

Miss you all and love you more

Monday, April 13, 2015

Conference fun

So this week was cool. I'll just say one thing, waiting for conference is like waiting on Christmas and this was a great week!

Conference is still one my mind so I'll talk about that. Saturday morning we were a little late, but we didn't miss talks just a little music. Then we watched and left for teaching two people... still got to work! but then we went to the Saturday morning. I loved all the talks there, even more so Sister Burtons' hint hint....... then before the Saturday morning, President talked to us, asked why we were late and then invited us to something. I didn't really hear, but all I knew was food.. then the crazy happen.....I was sitting with missionaries cause it is hard to get investgators at Saturday conference. Elder Uchtdorf read the name of the propeta and then the chilling "I OPPOSE" was heard. For the missionaries around me, we all said the same was a weird feeling, sa puso namin.  BUT with a cool, calm, collect German talking, he got through, gave the instruction to go to your steake president. QUICK NOTE I'm pretty sure he said LIKE SIGN not squeel across the area.....DUHHHH
THEN they sang! "We Thank the O God For a Propeta" and the words "they who reject this glad message with never such happiness know" that's my thoughts..

So yeah, so president invited us to this lechan dinner, didn't tell the office elders, but it was way good and I loved it....remember that bread that looked like pig... here is the real of it.

​If you have never had crunchy pig never lived life...

I consider it an honor to be invited by President to feast! It was a blast!!!!  

I loved Sunday session but wala ni elder RICHARD G SCOTT..whyyyyyy..

My family, I have little to say but I think this will answer some questions..

I love Laoag, but Vigan is more quiet, less people and that is what I love. The people here aren't as nice! hahaha

I hope this is ok I LOVE PIG hahahaha


Monday, April 6, 2015

You probably don't know but I am OK!

So about Wednesday this week we got a text about an approaching Super Typhoon! and they just said prepare we aren't sure what it will do but just get ready! So that's what we did! To make a not so long story shorter than it is already, we got a text that the storm reduced all the way to a Tropical Depression. We go a few light rains but that was it..wasn't what this dry land needs.

Anyway let's move on. So Monday we had the fine opportunity to teach our now less active ward mission leader (WML) and all 4 of us elders and sisters were able to teach. He knew why we were all there and he committed to change! SO yeah

Tuesday Elder Seu said that I'll take the lead on everything from finding to teaching. I DID Pleased to say, yes, we had 10 lessons! yayayaya haha It was not easy, but what we did is we went to our far area of Lapaz! and found a few PM (part member families) and taught them and ended the night with delish merienda at a cool family house! Worked hard and yeah...

So Wednesday we had a hard time and again I led, but we went to Sentro and TRIED to find. hahaha I have to re-think that plan this week! But after lunch and studies we went to the wonderful area of Vira! hahaha It's like hiking up a mountain. I was exhausted but we made up for lost time and got 8 lessons that day!

Thursday we went to Casili and that is a cool place, nice and some what flat! hahah But we found some more less actives on our great list (great thing about the Philippines is every one knows every one. You just say a name, they will tell you were to go!) hahaha so that was a great day and still so exhausting.

Friday was way cool and we weekly planed! Not much about this day, though, other than led and taught in Lubbot to the Dela cruz family. They are progressing! and came to church.

SIGE CRUNCH TIME SATURDAY. hahaha We needed 14 lessons that day and 4 on Sunday (we only got 10) but we went to MCM and we talked about the area and all that...kind of. It was super unproductive..He fed us the WML but that's all.

Sunday we had testimony meeting and I bore mine...very simple, but I think I did well to get to the members. Then the WML wasn't at church and so that didn't surprise me, but we had 6 investigators at sacrament!!!

Sige, so before I go on I'll tell more about the baptism I had last was very simple. Only 7 people showed up and that's fine! We started late and that was more than ok...when we entered the font of cold water Sister Celia just wanted to go right down. I said nay!!! wait pakatapos sinabi ko amen then you go in! haha She loved it and has a malakas patotoo

Sige I've said numbers and left some out so you wouldn't count while you read!!! Elder Seumanutafa and I had 46 FOURTY-SIX 46 lessons 4 feels awesome!

so this is my new best friend....we call her SEXY that's what the owners call her (look at the necklace)

and then there were these bad boys i want

Well that's all folks