Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Then there was one.

Well I got to Skype my family this past week! That ought to last me until mother's day! 
Besides that JORDAN GOT ENGAGED!!! haha like 10 mins. before I skyped hahahaha

This past week we had our Christmas Conference. It was a wonderful. It was all about being consecrated. The question arose "what is the difference in a good and honest missionary than being a consecrated missionary.  SO after the conference I thought well what can I do to be better to live this life of a missionary that the lord wants me to be. Part of that is being a repentant missionary. I heard a talk given by Elder Holland and he said "you can't travel down what Lehi calls forbidden paths and expect to lead others to the straight and narrow. NOW don't think I am in trouble on my mission. I try to do my best to follow, but this is just what I learned haha 

The Games day wasn't as good as last year but you get what you get and don't throw a fit! 

This week was also kind of tough...my companion has been told that he has scolioses but we aren't sure cause the dr said go to ortho but he doesn't get back till next year. So its just been really tough!!! like we just try to study but he really can't casue it's tough for him to sit so....yeah....I am not sure! I hope he is ok! 



Monday, December 21, 2015


Short time today because it's Christmas con!!!! but this week was great!!!!!!

Well it was alright!! We are just really trying talaga but it's like we are hitting walls, but we bust through them with hard work and stuff.... hahaha...

BAD NEWS.....Elder Fransico was having back trouble...so we went and got x-ray...he has a case of scoliosis and a grade1 1 somthing with a C4 and C5 so its rough...but we still work...keps his mind off it. 

WELL its the most wonderful of times....and you'll be doin just fine in your christmas of white but!!!! if you have a couple of minutes go to Christmas.mormon.org for a great chrismas there is a great video called A Savior is Born it rocks my socks!!!!!! 

Well you know this e-mail will be great next week but I am short on time!!!! LOVE YOU ALL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Life. Christmas. and the Pursue of Salvation


So I am so sorry but I actually forgot to tell all of you this...While I was in Santa Ana I actually ate SHARK and Sting Ray.

Anyway it is so close to Christmas. You can, like, tell that it's so close cause I am getting Skype text....from president about Skype...mom, dad talk to Jordan. I told him...cause I wasn't sure you were up.

I love this time of the year in the Philippines. They are so giving and love to carol...they just ask for money..we give pamphlets..life!

Well this week we were able to see one of our best friends Kasalyn be baptized. She is the ID of butay and she is the best and soo happy! It was a little hard. We had a little mishap with the authority that was suppose to preside and be there to conduct...we got it good when the YM president was just in the FM Office... hahaha and he texted the 1st councilor.

I am thankful for this mission and a cool thing happened this week. The Filipinos have to now spend 3 weeks at the MTC in Manila so to cope with that, the April transfer will be 8 weeks and I will be getting home 2 weeks later.....Aug 23 if you were wondering. WHAT A FUN TIME!

Life could not be any better if you ask me!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.....but I might not be here next week till late week or not at all.....cause we have Christmas conference on Monday but yeah!!! just ask my fam bam they will see me!!!


"when the angle said 'fear not' it was not just for the wise men but to all of us to say ' fear not your savior is born, from this time forward fear will never win'" D. F Uchtdorf

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tan Tanner

WOW what a week one in the new area! 

Funny story first. The elder that I just replaced in this area, his name was E. Tan. who if you remember is a great guy we trained at the SAME time. 

This week started with an 8 HOUR trip from Santa Ana to LAOAG... yes I was so tired seing how I just packed and did't sleep than I just tried to sleep on the bus. 2 Am was the time the bus left. so yeah it was all great....except the fact I fell asleep a couple times in the day and like I nodded off in the last lesson in the day...BUT the next day I was kinda ready..lets just say Thursday I was all good!    

The only hard thing about this transfer so far is that Elder Tan is rich and the people know it and he made empty promises to give people stuff.....but yeah that happened so I did the best I could do and earn trust....example...our fear was one of the LA wouldn't let us talk to him so what happen was we waited for his grand children who are our investigators were hopefully coming but wala so we just talked with tatay..the thing is tatay is a Chinoy...Chinese/philippino just like Elder Tan. but man it was great to talk to him. Actually I learned from him. how to be a leader he use to be one and it was way cool! 

This week to we have Baptism who is way excited she is wonderful and soon after is her family....Fun fact her dad is way cool he is a national hero...of San Nic... he was part of the national police (PNP) and he swore off a group of new people army (NPA) ( look them up in any questions ) Basically he is way cool but president will be the one to interview him in due time. ( swore off odes mean kill.....) 

Today was great we practiced for our christmas con skit and than went to the mall and it just happened that president was there and treated us to mang ingnasal ( its a place that gives UNLIMITED RICE!!!!!!

Well that is a kool kat email hope you like it!!!!! 

Hope to hear about your christmas life! 


COOL STUFF...not really

SAD news I was going to use an elders camera to send pic...but the computers wanna not work today soo...yeah 

And I AM BEING TRANSFERRED AGAIN!!!!!! San Nicholas WARD near the mission home and in the city...also if any one ask it is a 5 to 9 hour bus from Santa Ana to Laoag so yeah.

This past week was pretty slow and just down right ok....

I am sad to leave Santa Ana and Cagayan and all that but back in a ward and in the city it will be nice!!! 

On a better note!! We saw progress in the area and we just might of had baptisms but it will be for the next guys and I trust them cause one was in my old zone! 

Hope you all have a great week!!!! Hope to hear from you!