Wednesday, August 19, 2015

hey you guyz

First off I'm sorry, we went to an activity this morning and I thought we would go home first, but we went to the comp shop first so I don't have my camera stuff but next week will do because I have a ton of pics from this morning.

This week was a little tough...I said last week that out mission president came to sacrament to help us helped....but this week as we taught we taught the brother involved in the thing...he says he still knows the church is true but doesn't want to go because he doesn't like the leaders (local that is). We told him go to Pagudpud...he won't because he doesn't like the district president. Then the hardest part came. We began to teach another person who had told us all the stuff the brother who doesn't wanna go to church told her some things. As I heard these things and went home to study I am in Alma in the Book of Mormon, the war chapters....I have read many times.."and he stirred the people in anger"  This is by far the most challenging thing I have faced....but we taught her...we stressed about it over and over and over...but as any other BoM prophet would do, we prayed. for her and the area!...the Sunday lesson that this girl gave was what I feel an answer to her prayer.....I hope she sees it too....

ANY WAY my bike sucks! Funny story, last night it broke, ride-able, but no Elder Pereda fixed up his bag handed me the strap and towed me home.......

THIS morning we went to a place called Hannahs...not going to lie I wouldn't mind honeymooning rocks!!!! That's where a lot of my pics came from this week!!!!!

I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL SOOO MUCH have a stoked week!!!!!

P.S wala...joke lang

P.P.S next week pics

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