Monday, November 16, 2015

I'm just going to tell you things about this place.

I guess I can start by telling you about my week first.

So this week me and Whitrod thought we ought to try a new finding idea. So this week we stayed in our sentro area (its the place in the middle of Santa Ana with most people and the church) to look for boarding houses. So there are some big casinos and a ton of people work there. So at these boarding houses there are just these workers...WE FOUND A TON OF PEOPLE THIS WEEK!!!! mostly girls but that's ok that we have fellowshippers right!

That's about it though.

So I don't think I have said much about Santa Ana

It is a great place also a place with a ton of Chinese because of the casinos, but that's cool! It's a coastal town and small but it's also large in land mass. NO Puregold, no city, just the Grandma I can't say it is properly refrigerated, just sit out there fresh. The fish is the most still flopping around.

To get around we just walk, ride bikes or tri-c or jeep or UV VAN or a new one called center car it's like a tri-c but bigger and cooler.

We love it here...well I love it is simple and amazing. I don't even miss washing machines..... AND I LOVE THE PEOPLE... I always remember my bro saying love the's really hard not to love them...I will say this, I am not like Jordan and get to go shopping at English shops for good stuff; ours is all knock-off brand but that's what I's easy and amazing!!!!!!

WELL I THOUGHT MY CAM WOULD BE GOOD...maybe next week...
love you all!

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