Monday, December 14, 2015

Life. Christmas. and the Pursue of Salvation


So I am so sorry but I actually forgot to tell all of you this...While I was in Santa Ana I actually ate SHARK and Sting Ray.

Anyway it is so close to Christmas. You can, like, tell that it's so close cause I am getting Skype text....from president about, dad talk to Jordan. I told him...cause I wasn't sure you were up.

I love this time of the year in the Philippines. They are so giving and love to carol...they just ask for money..we give!

Well this week we were able to see one of our best friends Kasalyn be baptized. She is the ID of butay and she is the best and soo happy! It was a little hard. We had a little mishap with the authority that was suppose to preside and be there to conduct...we got it good when the YM president was just in the FM Office... hahaha and he texted the 1st councilor.

I am thankful for this mission and a cool thing happened this week. The Filipinos have to now spend 3 weeks at the MTC in Manila so to cope with that, the April transfer will be 8 weeks and I will be getting home 2 weeks later.....Aug 23 if you were wondering. WHAT A FUN TIME!

Life could not be any better if you ask me!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.....but I might not be here next week till late week or not at all.....cause we have Christmas conference on Monday but yeah!!! just ask my fam bam they will see me!!!


"when the angle said 'fear not' it was not just for the wise men but to all of us to say ' fear not your savior is born, from this time forward fear will never win'" D. F Uchtdorf

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