Saturday, January 30, 2016

Probably the toughest.

The week was OK. The week was worthwhile but at the same time it was tough...Know I am ok, It is the best two years of my life...for my life.

But of course we start with no companion...still. That is really hard, let me tell you. As a missionary you have a crazy schedule so you mix elders from other wards you get a crazy full and hard week to set things up. If you mess up there is only one of you; it's all on you....If you think it hasn't happened, it has...I learned from last week though. Last week I would just do, there was no report back....turned out that I did something backward! So it sucked going to a meeting and all eyes say that's wrong, it was suppose to be this. On top of that I am in charge of a zone at the same time a district. BUT I am not complaining that just makes things harder.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS. The AP called last night and said that I will have A NEW COMPANION by Wednesday.

This past Tuesday was way cool. We went to an area I am not real familiar with. I know, like, where a LA lives but I never met them...but this last time instead of going around this circle of houses we took the shortcut. We met a woman who was chopping wood for cooking...yes, they do's great!...Any way we got to know her...turns out she is an endowed member and so is her we talked these other sisters walked up...all members but the husbands are we have a work to do!

I love this work...but it's going to fast....

This past friday we had Interviews with president, BEST TIMING TOO.
While we talked, we talked of things in missionary work and what I was studying and all that...then the question, "what are barriers that could cause you to not fulfill your calling" I expressed that I have been having patience problems. He said "Elder, how blessed are you that you have found this weakness in yourself, NOW we know in the scriptures that HE will make weak things strong, so for you, you have done that finding part now, WORK ON IT." I have been really studying about the life of Christ and his atonement. I really studied it one day, I feel that with a better understanding I see how it blesses my life...I really feel the spirit in my life and it is easier to tell HIS voice than the others in the world..


Sister Dudley riding on the back of a tryc and we are passing the Palengke

 The goat has ginger (bawang) around his neck in case of the vampire (aswang) who is killing and eating the guts.....yes its realll......

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Then there was ONE

So Elder Francisco is home.....:(

So this week was hard....we had to half the work.....I went to the area of the other elders cause there is three of us. That was actually the hardest thing!!!!!!

I got to enjoy my duties as a DL last night and follow up...following up is so much more fun than being a ZL following up the DL's

So this week I had a ton of fun in studies! I studied the Bible! NOT JUST THE NEW TESTAMENT OH MAN it's so great seeing how things tie together. And what happens to people who don't follow God's law!!!! hahahaha

Well it's short....I know but I have pictures so I will send those!!!!!


 Sorry if this is offensive. BUT we are just sharing the gospel with ALL people

Yeah SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE soooo good!!!!!!


Yeah.......I like candy!!!! DON't worry, still brush my teeth!!!!! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

We 3 Kings

So I think I might have brought up in the past! But E. Fransico has had pain and is now in Manila recovering! If he comes back, he will be my companion! So for now my companion is the 2 other elders from the other ward but same house!

So transfers are here and a lot are now there is 3 districts in my zone and not 2 and that means one more DL...guess who that is.....ME and I'm still a Zone leader (DL is District leader) Crazy even more yeah, it'a chill, there are just 4 sisters in my district......

This week was CRAZY!!!

First as you know we had MLC and stuff! so that means Thursday was ZTM. I was glad to give the training on WWJD or what would Jesus do....yes, that is actually what's a rather new thing here in the Philippines. I love training! MY OPINION it's the best!

But Thursday is the day that Elder Fransico left, so I was so lucky as to go to trainers training! with the elders in my house! Other than that not a ton happened on Friday!

Saturday we went to Paopay to MY stake meeting with the stake president!
President Andrada was our guest So it was really good! Also we had a baptism, well the sisters had one. I baptized Sister Divine!  So that's way fun!!!!

Sunday I went to church from 8 am till 6:30 pm. WOW! Well there was an area broadcast so that's why! but 2 wards!!!

So that's all. I will go on now and send pics so love you all,

Macho Man Randy Savage THERE IS NO EQUAL 

 E. Frnasico going to the airport

"go to 7-11 first"

ME at PAOAY CHURCH!!! its HUGE CATHOLIC and a huge tourist trap
Sisters Jensen and Aquino



  PRE Zone Training Meeting

Sister Ibanez Espirtitu and Iuelo

Childs Ganzon

Paillio and Wood

Trinidad and Ebuen

Milino and Dudley

Andelin and corpuz

Have a great week!!!!


Tuesday, January 5, 2016


This week was MLC so sorry for the late letter!

This week was a little tough and I will start here telling why!

Well Tuesday was great! I was able to go on exchanges with E. Trinidad our DL! We had a ton of fun finding and just doing what we love! He is still very new but honestly he is way good!

NOW...Wednesday and Thursday! Wednesday morning we worked! but afternoon and all Thursday we didn't work....E. Fransico has been having troubles with his back and we are waiting for area medical to see what they say!
sooo yeah!

Friday I went to GABU on exchanges with the AP's it was a little tough...I woke up that morning just dead, runny nose, head I did't get to be as high in spirit as much as I wanted to! BUT not all is lost...We were able to have a very spirit filled evaluation! I learned so much from Elder Peterson!!! And all of my concerns he had an answer and solution!!! he taught me how to be a better me!!!! a better missionary!

Yesterday was MLC.. I loved it!!! and again I felt like this time it was really just focused on I had a question or problem and God said. "here...this is what I have to say to you." I love this work! I love just being able to teach every day!!!! I wish I could have a black name tag for longer than 2 years!

Well that's all. I hope you got the pics!!!!


 So This is what the inside of a try-c looks like...if you are wondering the back  of my seat is the sub woofer....yes Jordan One 12 is the seat behind like a plastic window.

YES that is a bridge yes that is a pole of concrete

2 words AIR CON

MY District

Shakey's pizza

 YW in the ward her name is Danaca

Danaca's older sister who, yes, is going to serve a mission...she's just a model..and pageant girl..yes, that is how she dresses for church 

 ME and sister DUDLEY (duddles) she is from PERTH AUS

AP Peterson! A.k.A my idol in the mission!

 STOKES (red) AND KILPACK (blue)



MY BATCH (going home not coming in)

 ONE OF MY FAVE SISTERS Parojinog. She was in my first zone and she was in Laoag 2 when I got there.

Sister Jensen from Blackfoot, Idaho and is also related to John Tanner 

 me and Fransico and Cervantes