Monday, October 27, 2014

Week of Greatness

So just like to start out by saying I harvested peanuts so that was way awesome!!!

Anyway so this week started out rough and we just did finding and no one would so Thursday rolls around and I talk to the mission president about you know struggles I have been having here and he set me strait and that night we went to go teach and it was sooo great!!!

The reason I start on Thursday is because it was super great!! We taught some that night and the next day we were teaching and I was feeling great!! I just could feel the spirit go through me to testify to these people!!

 Friday we went to go teach and you know same success I was talking and testifying and it was just so great!!! Then we went to one of our favorite places the Ben family! They live in a home where they are related but they have like cousins and stuff and the cousin is a recent convert and usually we go over and she is quiet and turns away.  So my kasama and I, we just talked about an object lesson....but with nothing in mind we just taught.  We got  there and she turned her chair closer to us and spoke was so great and her cousin testified of the Book of Mormon and had the girl (Jennifer) in tears it was so great and after we got bread and Pepsi....Filipino bread isn't just bread its like......AMAMZING

So Saturday the sisters had a baptism...we show up and my BML (branch mission leader) took me to the piano and said Elder Tanner can sing.....I sang a a baptism that was great but the duet was without piano. and it was "Our Savior's Love".... sooo good! haha I hope

Sunday was good, church was great! but after church we went teaching with our BML and Elders Quorum president.  We went to our Progressing investigator's house and got there and he was flying a kite..... we went over there and I saw ciggs on the ground.  He talked to my kasama and then our BML.  I asked Elder Robles what was happening he said we can not teach him..he is drunk.... oh man Satan...why do you have to be such a turd...its OK.... if singing has taught me one thing is "FEAR NOT FOR THE LORD IS ON YOUR SIDE" so yeah that was my week.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Long Week

This week was a success and very long!

We started it by teaching and finding!!! a lot of walking!!!

hahaha at the end of one day we met a man Brother Paul who is very interested in our church and loved coming hahaha

In total we had 4 investigators at church!!! we loved it!!! hahaha

We taught and walked and man did we have fun!!! this ward is so great!!!! and very good at fellowshipping our investigators

So the other night we went and taught Brother Allen about apostasy and the lesson went great!! After we went to a members house and had some treats and Pepsi....than they fed us dinner.....we were thankful because we had no food at home but we were out later than we would have liked to hahah

Sorry I didnt bring my journal so I cant remember what happened what day!!

All I know is I learned how to fry chicken and the work here is great!!!

One night we walked at least 3 and a half miles to get home... we did our stuff I took a shower and was in bed asleep by 10...with the district leader's OK cause he said if you've done everything you have to you can go to bed at 10

so great!!!

well I miss you all a lot!!!

love Elder Tanner

P.S. I learned how to wash my clothes by hands!! I said to myself the one song that comes to mind when I do this....Count Your Many Nlessings   hahaha so great

Monday, October 13, 2014

Well I am Here

So we got to Manila MTC and that was.......ehhhh.   We got treated poorly and it was wicked pointless but we went to the Quezon mission field and taught. I taught a girl named Love and she is getting baptized in 3 days!!!! exciting!!

OK so we flew to Laoag and took a van to the mission home, sat, learned about things, and then we learned who our trainer and area was.....,....I am in....VIGAN CITY and my trainer is ELDER ROBLES!! He a Filipino and is an amazing trainer!! Cool part about Vigan is down town looks like Spain!!!

So we spend the night at the mission home and took a 2 hour bus trip to our's so amazing here. We got to the apartment and I learned that I'm staying with Elder Miller who was a roommate and was in my district at the MTC!! So that made me happy!! So we open the door and it was a pit.  The last elders sucked at cleaning!!! but technically they haven't been there enough for us to be technically OPENING THE AREA!!! the blind leading the blind.  So we had no food so we went to go eat and get groceries! and turns out Elder Robles can cook so we are thankful for that! so we get there and fun surprise no shower!!! People be thankful for what you have cause I take a shower with a ladle and a bucket of water.....don't feel bad for me... it's so fun!!! cause it's not warm water!!! hahaha I love the Philippines

So opening an area means a lot of finding out where our area is.....hahahha but we are lucky to have some great members, like 16 yr old show us whats up!!! so great!!! We have 3 investigators we have been teaching!! and my Tagalog is getting meh so yeah.  We take a Tryc to a place and walk!!! and walk and meet people in their homes.....they live in cinder block homes with metal roofs and dirt floors or concrete if they are lucky!!! They are so thankful for life!! I love it.

We taught a brother name Brother Allen and he's so great and makes things from clay!! He is very willing to learn but has concerns!! We also taught 3 girls and that was good, I did some talking!! so great!!

Conference weekend was so great!!! and my favorite talk was David A Bednard talking to the non members!!! every  one should hear that talk!!! hahah funny thing though we woke up, said prayers and the the fans turned AC in we were like, oh man, tried to turn on the light and got nothing...Brown OUT!!! (black out) crazy so the chapel had no AC for priesthood cause it came first but right as we came for Saturday morning it came on!!! yay!!! man I love it here!!!!

Well some fun facts about my mission.....I'm too tall for it!! hahaha I don't fit in Trycs hahaha and everything is too short!!!

Well that's my life!!! oh yeah vote Vigan as a 7 wonder of the world, sweet!

Well I'm not sure how to send pictures and no one here to help us! maybe next time

One last thing is my mission address for letters.....unfortunately I don't have a direct mail box but send to the mission home they get it to the zone leaders, he gets it to the district leader and I get it!! if you send a package....its cost 100P so be mindful of what you send I need junk hahaha

Elder Tanner
Brgy. 50 Buttong Airport Avenue
Junction Tangid Road Laoag City 2900
Ilococ Norte, Philippines

 love you all
Elder Tanner

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Today is my last day at this MTC and then I head to the Philippines!! so crazy!!! I get to write today but I have like nothing to say other than I have like mixed emotions!! so scared but so happy!

Thanks you all for support and yeah!!! love you all!!!

Elder Tanner