Saturday, September 27, 2014

So Close....

So I am so close to busting out of this joint but it is the I want time to slow down so I can get better and better at the language!!!

Any way so this week was killer!!! remember I said we had Richard G Scott here last week. this week me had M Russell Ballard!!! What!!!!! 2 of the big 15 in two weeks crazy!!!!!

Well Sunday my kasama and I watched a devotional buy Jeffery R Holland,  if you don't know who Jeffery R Holland is he is pretty much like the best!! and really digs into your soul!!! and the best part he said "I hate when missionaries say this is a break from school and life and when they go home they say I cant wait to get back to real like... THIS IS REAL LIFE!!!"

and Monday was Monday

Tuesday was that devotional and it was the best one I saw since being here!!!!

Wednesday I got to host the new mga missyonaro and that was super awesome!!! I hosted this kid that was going to west campus.. so we had to wait for the bus and I got to know him!!! He is the youngest of three! and by the smell of his sister (pot) it was really amazing that he overcame that adversity of probably being tempted all the time by his siblings and come serve just so awesome!!!!

Thursday we had another Skype TRC and my kasama and I got the same sister as last time and it was so great and she said I talked more in Tagalog so pumped!!! but I'm still working!!!!

Friday was in field orientation!!! soooo close!!!

Yeah so that's life

Elder Tanner

temple window pic!!!! 

dark room!!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

So this week was good!!

So I promise I'm going to say more than three things.

Sunday was amazing an we had an even better devotional about the plan of salvation!!!! so spiritual and I got like great notes from it!!!

Monday....... well it was Monday

TUESDAY was epic!!! so we had class and then right after class I skipped dinner to go get in line for choir!! I made it and we sang "Be Still My Soul"... that wasn't even half!!! the reason every one wanted to sing was because it was sent to all the MTC in the world because the speaker was.....RICHARD G SCOTT!!! It was crazy epic!!!! It was about prayer and was so great but at the beginning he said " don't have a good mission... have a blast!!" that is so true!!!! I love the MTC!!!!

Wednesday was long and hard and ice cream day!!! love it!!!

Thursdays we do this thing called TRC and we pretty much just teach a member in our language so fun but!! this Thursday we went a step further and Skyped people from the Philippines and taught them!!!

Friday was the best day..... WE GOT OUR FLIGHT PLANS!!! we got from SL to Oregon from Oregon to Tokyo and then to Manila!!! but we stay at the Manila MTC for 5 days and then we go to Laogo for a month and then fly to Hong Kong for the day then fly back to the Philippines something about the visa stuff I don't know!!

Well that is about it!!!

I'll send pictures after I rotate my laundry and switch computers.

Elder Owen from my ward!!!

Elder Harman. He is so awesome!

New zone leader looking at the new district leader sleep.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

So I have been at this MTC now for almost a month!! crazy!!!! word on the street is we get travel plans coming up soon!!! I love it here and can't believe its almost been a month!!!!

So as usual we went to the temple after emailing last week!!! so great!!! the more I go the more I learn!! always the best part of p-day!

Sunday we had regular church and than we went to church and it was testimony meeting and it was super amazing and like the best!! Then we had devotional and they stared out by saying "if a member of the 12 or first presidency come you stand"so Tuesday I ate dinner real fast got to choir and sat and sung and then like we were sitting there and saw who was speaking... Brother Sitati!!! not the big 15 but still up there on one of my favorite so far here!!!!

So same old stuff happened until Thursday. so every one was kind of sick and yeah so we have personal gym time on Thursday... so we did what any sick district would do... make a sauna!! and it totally worked!!! we covered the 6 shower stall with sheets and yeah.... best time ever. oh man!!! it felt amazing!!

Friday for me was a pretty great day!! I've been having trouble with the language can't really see my self speaking it any way we started doing the first vision and I think I said the first part about 1000 times!! and then it hit me I started getting it.  I started to see my self speaking it.  I just love it!!! and then we taught a lesson in Tagalog and it was so amazing and so crazy spiritual I loved it!!

so that"s my life!!

P.S.  so being here for as long as I am you learn silly things.... like every Wednesday is ice cream day...and some new missionaries but ICE CREAM!!! love it here.. that's all!!

my companion and I forgot to pray with investigator 

the life of the mtc HARD LIFE

ripped pants tried to fix!!

our sauna

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I got that bug!!

So there is this stupid bug going around! and i got it!!! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

So lets see, Saturday after I mailed we went to the temple and it was so much fun!! but the rest of the day was dinner and class! so yeah!

Sunday we had church i got a new calling! I'm not the sacrament coordinator. so I choose who blesses and passes sacrament. so that's fun!! I also found out that an elder who leaves in like 10 days has same birthday like year and all as I do so that is super cool!! Sunday night devotional is the best we had the brother Holzfeld I think... speak to us and man was it good!

Monday was labor day so that means no mail. but holy cow it was September first!! we did door approach practice and that was mabuti!! (good) so I've done this thing in my journal where as a confidence boost I say "love me" so that's my weird life

Tuesday was good!! devo Tuesday! but we also did TRC and that is like home teaching! it was hard but it was good too!! luckily my comp is pro!! so yeah and Elder Clark spoke to us!!!

Wednesday is ice cream day. and new arrival day........but also ice cream day.

Thurs.-Friday were usual 2 class Tagalog in my mouth kind of days!!!

so I got the wrong cord from my mom cause I asked for the wrong one but luckily an elder in my room had one but my computer is being dumb but I'll try another computer.

I swear when I get to the field these letters will be long!!!! just right now its a lot of class!!!