Monday, August 15, 2016

1 For the one born for you and me

This is the last email....Thank you so much to all of you who email and keep me going!!!

I think that this is the best thing to have happened to me. I wish I could fill this email with things that I have learned...  but just see me when I get home...

Any one who reads this think if they should serve or not..These 2 years were the best 2 years for my life...I am not afraid to take on the future cause I know how disappointment and success feel. I know Things that will help me till they put me in the ground...

TO my family...SEE YOU SOON, to friends I'll catch up Just hit me up on Facebook...don't'll just go to Jordan....hahaha

THIS is THE's a sad and awesome feeling!!!!

SEE you soon mom😁


That's my uni that an Elder gave me for going home


Friday, August 12, 2016

2 and you

So that's cool.....

Highlight......... ZTM gave my farewell testimony.....and Saturday our favorite store burnt down....sad face....but!!!!! The outside walls are still there.....

OK so that wasn't the highlight..

This week we were happy to have 2 people be able to get to church and teach them right after....

I love this work......but will miss it....

I'll send you pics...maybe they will do better telling you than me.....


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3 and a glass for me

just trying to rhyme here folks....

So if you follow Philippines weather reports...WE ARE IN A STORM...ITS RAINING SIDEWAYS!!! hahaha

So yesterday we were expecting like 7 at church....we had 31......I think that's a new record for that good of a storm.....signal 2 btw....

Also yesterday we saw a tree fall in the road so...I did what any other Okie would do...put on some crocs, shorts and a to chopping and chatting.....

So that was way fun.....I LOVE MY MISSION

MY week was pretty slow...well I went on exchanges with Elder Miller. That day was all, that an a bag of chips.......

I hope you all are great and I will send pics!!!!

the other you can't tell but the dog is mad..........see its teeth...

I'm only going describe 2 pictures the one of the well the water went up it's only like 4 feet away from the top

Sunday, July 24, 2016


This week was awesome!!!! It was just a blast really.....

So Tuesday we went to a house we've been to before but this time they were all there and in total we got 5 new part is....they are old they know, it's just the task of them knowing for sure!!!! Even better.....we didn't even get to teach half of them.....there is more!!!

My life is great...We had a meeting with the branch pres Yesterday.... We have great plans coming part I have just enough time to get a few things done on that list!!!!

SO life is good....I didn't drink soda all week and actually lost a little bit of weight...and worked out all week..not Sunday of course......boom!!!!!

I love you all and I will see you soon!!!!!


New investigators...

So this is JB (Jabelinn) we taught her first and she just got baptized !!!!!!!!

"Vaccinated pilippino"

me and the man of the hour Elder Thomas

5 Star

NEW transfer new comp and same area!!! So far it is awesome!!!

MY companion is way cool. We get along really, really well.

So this week was slow and I just hope next week is better, but we had a great time getting to know people and getting to teach them!!!!!

We taught a sister who is coming back. and when I first got here it was tough, she really didn't care. but she is teaching the Jehovah Witness that are staying in her house!

We also are getting to work to find more people who will hopefully listen to us!!

I have some good pics but I hope all of you are all doing great and i hope you know i love you...see you soon!!!


Monday, July 11, 2016

yeah that just happened

My last transfer starts today. My new Companion is Elder Thomas...he is a prince from the Marshal that's cool...and to keep me busy I am now the District leader here! so that's cool!

Any way so this week started on Tuesday with one of the elders in the appt. getting sick with a 101 he went to the Hospital.. turns out he had he was there for three days!!!! ahhh!! But he is ok now so that's way good..

We had a really slow week and um well Friday I woke up feeling poopy... than Saturday also  but no fever..finally we went to the Dr....Sister Andradas order...I have Amebiasis...or however you spell it...I am good and feeling better now!!!! so life is great!!!!! I just can't eat chicken, beef or pork for like a week and take pills life is great!!!!!

Well I am sure this upcoming week will be eventful....LOVE YOU ALL


me and AP Peterson!!!! going home 

me and Elder Ebuen form San Nic

batch going home!

 for the winning combo!!!!

my sweet pic....that's a cockroach on the leash...yeah it was last night and the others were packing and gave me color pencils