Monday, July 13, 2015

All the Above

FIRST OFF I am grateful for all that has happen this week. This week we saw a LA sister who just had a kid. Now when I say sister I mean she's still 17 yata, but she is very awesome. She was very happy, and happy to show her very cute kid. She said after a little bit she will go to church. It's strange to me, a person who doesn't really want to go now....wants us to bless her kid. But what can you do you can't teach LOC she already broke it .....I learned from E SEU, na just love all no matter what even after you read this next paragraph

This week another thing happened that hasn't happened in awhile. A brother was looking for our landlord who is a Doctor. We told him that he was in Manila till tomorrow and upon looking at me he said "ay Church of Jesus Christ" then went on to tell me to look at other churches as my soul would be damned to hell..... Thanks brother have a great day. That is all.

LIFE IS GOOD 2 days from the big 19 and I am almost a year into this....I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY! This week we were able to meet the new pres at a conference and then on Thursday we had ZTM. that was 2 mornings gone I work...
Earlier we had INT with pres to get to know us. OH man I got the best letter from my mom cause it had pics in it|!!! hahahaha

The weeks just boom by!!! but I love it!!!! hahaha

Um I really didn't take pictures this week. Nothing happened....but that means there will be a TON NEXT WEEK!!!


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