Monday, October 12, 2015


So if you can't tell Jeffery R Holland Gave a talk that in all aspects MOVED MY SOUL.

Sister Marriott reminded me of all the woman back home hahahahah ALABAMA yata i'll let Zach be the judge.

So this last week was great. We had interviews with President Andrada and that was cool! He rocks!!
HE talked to me about being focused. He said even though we may be in a hard area, focus on the things you were asked to do and the rest will come!

Thursday was ZTM..if you don't know what that is, it's this. On Monday we have Trainings all day as zone leaders and Sister training leaders, After that we return to prepare a training coming from the trainings given by AP or pres. It's WAY FUN!

MY training was on VISION I wanna share the story I told...

SO there was a man, very wealthy, and he bought a ton of land. The only thing was this land had trees and a dirty stream etc. SO he asked 3 Men to look at his land...then the rich man asked a question WHAT DO YOU SEE? The first man said I see trees, streams, it's not a pretty place....the second said the's an ugly place. Then the third, he said " I see houses, kids running around, I see a park with little foot bridge over the stream and in the distance I see big buildings alive with busy people." The rich man hired him...BUT WHY...BECAUSE HE HAD A VISION...

So that was way cool!!! Conference was way THE BEST.....1 MORE........

my camera is broken so I will send pics next week!!! LOVE YOU ALL A TON!!!!

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