Monday, March 30, 2015

When in doubt. call a Samoan!

So this week I can tell you was way better than the past 6. I had a hard companion and we tried to get along but it was tough. "It suffice me" to not go into detail about it just keep in mind it was hard, harder than hard things I've done.

SO Tuesday was Transfer day!! I picked up Elder SEU-MANU-TAFA (for all who might have trouble saying his name(all the people here)) we went to the apatment and we just sat down, I thought plan then head out. He pulls out maps, ask about the people, the area and all that. He is SUPER MASIPAG. That Tuesday we had 7 lessons (I've been informed that's more than other missions get in a week) But Elder Seu (for short) showed great love for all the people and was a great example and it was a fun day. Also at this point in the week I started planning for nany Celia's Baptism!

Before I go on I wanna tell you about Elder Seumanutafe! or as I see his name seuMANUtafa (lets see who really knows me hahahaha joke lang) So one of the first things he did was show me a picture of him and his Lola (grandmother). He told me that the Sunday before transfers she passed away. That's why he came out of being an office elder, to be a normal missionary so he wouldn't have time just to sit and think. He is very strong and loves to work! Also he has an inborn problem with his ear so he is deaf in the left ear! That still doesn't stop him! He is awesome and SHEMPRE he eats like a boss but isn't like BIG.

Wednesday was good it was a little tough cause we were still getting into the swing of things! like finding and stuff! so yeah!  Also I got a blister and that hurt. It lasted till Saturday and it was just the worst, on the bottom of my foot, but now I'm good. It's good, yeh!

Thursday we had District meeting! and that was way good. It was about prayer and helping the Investigators to pray. Then we had a legendary practice teaching me and Seu taught Elder Payne and Sister Adaline (idk how to spell, but yeah!) and we killed it! like it was awesome! Then we went to McDO for lunch. I ordered and all I got was fries and a chicken sandwhich with a drink! Elder Seu got 2 burgers, just like small regular burgers, and Spaghetti and 3THREE3 orange juices.....finished before I did...what the heck!

It's funny at the apartment when we eat he puts a plate for me and then puts a small ice cream pail for him....hahaha he eats let me tell you!

Friday we did weekly planning! For the past 6 weeks we did it in less than 2 hours...this Friday we took all 3 hours! For me that's good...we care!

Saturday I had a BAPTISM. Now if you wonder what it's like on the day of one here in the Philippines, I worked from 8 to 11, came home, studied, went to the chapel at 2, got ready, did it then went home, dropped off my stuff, then went right back to work! 5 lessons lang that day though. before I tell you about the baptism I'll tell you about the day, more the afternoon.....the went to the wonderful fishing town of Lapaz and there we were going to teach a young family about fellowshipping. We started out by asking did you live here? They said no, we moved here. Then she told us the story I never heard..... her husband and her lived in Sentro and yeah. then one night her Husband (who is way cool, has the scripture reference tatooed on his arm! from the Book of Mormon! Don't worry he knows now not to do that hahahaha) but he got stabbed through and through!  They have a tough life! So after we heard the story we changed the plan and taught atonement! great lesson! Then we went to an RC who's son is a hood rat. Then we asked the questions. Same thing happened. They just told us ( we went there Tuesday so they knew SEU) good thing I have the gentle giant as a companion! he is the best!

CGE the was tough....8 people were there (4 of those were missionaries. NO bishop he didn't say I won't be there too...what the?  haha It was suppose to be starting at 3, did't start till 3:30, but it was the most wonderful experience....we conducted the bishop-brick presided! These are my wonderful friends, Sister Staples, Sister Lynn (Not missionary) Sister Malobago (Sister Malonew) as we call her and NANY CELIA and then gwapo then Elder Seu

Well that's all folks.  I hope your next 4 weeks are great or 27 days however you count.....  ;) love you all

P.S Christmas is coming up....I mean conference, sorry...I don't get it till the 11th and 12th so talk to me about it on the 13th any sooner....I'll be idk haha thanks
mahal kita

Monday, March 23, 2015

I am staying here

Don't be alarmed if my title seems depressing, I just didn't know what to say other than I am staying in the wonderful city of Laoag. But!! May bago kasama po ako. Elder Eduria is going out and Elder SEUMANUTAFA (say that 3 times fast) is coming in!

So thats way cool! I am pretty excited to lead an area like this. Very tough, very bitter people in sentro but for me it will be exciting!

So this week was pretty great. Let me start with nanay SIlia. So I MIGHT have neglected to tell you this but we have had an investigator who is progressing and going to church! This week she had her baptism INTERVIEW and of course passed with flying colors. So my dear family, I will be holding a baptism the 28th of this month and will be the baptizer! It's a great feeling.....little stressed! but all is well!

 So this week was way fun we had zone conference (meaning the entire mission) on Tuesday morning! and that for me was an out pour of revelation! But it was also a simple chastise for pasauy missionaries. President quoted some scripture saying "in the last days there will be harsh sayings" of course he wasn't mad, just worried. hahaha His words!   Also he said the funniest thing, guess I'm the last one to hear it! sinabi nya "we're mormons, we meet and we eat" hahaha that's true de ba!

So Thursday we went on exchanges and I worked with Elder Payne her in Laoag and Elder Eduria went to Baccara! Elder Payne worked here he, actually trained my last companion here! So we went to work and found people he taught or found! We found a young family by the name of Lorenzo! They listened and acceepted a Baptism date! Then the funniest thing happened he told me of this less active and the house was in the cemetery. So we went and walked to where it was! There was a ground and theses walls about 2 feet high. Elder Payne asked what happened? He said, "I swear the house was eight here!!" but sure enough they moved into a bigger house in the cemetery and we taught them and it was way fun! Elder Payne really helped I've been struggling a litlle, but Elder Payne helped more than I can write!

Well I have pictures but we are at  crap computer shop!! NEXT WEEK? sorry!! I promise next week!!! love you all

Again sorry mom!  no pics


P.S Thanks mom

Monday, March 16, 2015


But don't worry there no buzzer beaters here

So this week was a strange one indeed.

Starting Tuesday I woke up not feeling so hot! But of course I still went to work! So we worked and it was a good day but I could just feel myself getting worse. It was also a hard day cause my companion started counting the days of going home! IF you know some about missionary work, the day a missionary starts counting down is the day his companion stresses out cause everything is on you and if you mess up it's worst than before.

So Tuesday to Wednesday that night I'm pretty 100% sure I had a fever and it was just the worst and in the morning I felt like death. I got up, took a shower and felt a little better, LITTLE is the key word. But the night of Wednesday was better and we went to Brother Vals house...I think I told you about him. He is from the USA and visits his family here yearly. We taught him and he had the best questions. All but one we answered. (the only one we couldn't was a made up Bible verse he or we could't find.)

Before I go on about my week! I just have to say how awesome it is learning a language! But the mission I'm in and a few south of me the people speak Ilicano (don't worry they speak Tagalog din) but the great thing is as a missionary you can learn the SMALL Ilicano words and like it's so fun cause that's what we do to BRT (Build relationship of trusT) they love it when a white kid says they are still young in the language of there fathers. SOOOOO FUNNNNN

So Thursday I did the MINI training at district meeting it was cool I guess.

Anyway jumping to Saturday. SO I wrote in my Planner "Jordan's Birthday" I will admit I forgot how to spell it. It took my writing it twice to get it down. Off to the side I wrote names are weird....In other weird news my brother is now 21!!! phhhhwhat!

Not a lot of pics this week but I will show you this...This is the view from our apartment. It's a famous bell tower here/cathedral and its sinking!

Well that's all folks. I'll show you next week the entire tower. I just gotta take a pic....

Well love you all!!

P.S you guys rock


That goose I told you about


Monday, March 9, 2015

My best friend the goose

There is a story behind that, I swear, but mamaya ah?

So this week was actually really good!

I'll start with a man named Val. Val is a retired Doctor and lives in Vancouver Washington. so no Tagolog. if your next question is did you tech him, yes, we did in English. Hard for my companion and me...really, but the funny thing is his family he visits there dragged him to church sunday! He is way cool and knows the Mormons...having lived in Orem, Utah for his childhood. The only thing that sucked was we had a fellowshipper hoping to teach this Less active family of woman.....but he didn't talk cause he didn't understand English, bummer really.

Funny thing, I was walking back to the appointment after a long day. I saw two white guys and said hello....back to me he said Bonjour..the funny thing is I took French in HS I couldn't talk back cause I don't remember anything hahaha, sorry dad.

So we taught a man named Nrother Corpuz. We met him on Feb. 18. He schedualed us for two days ago..we went, taught, then we said can we come back this week. He said maybe not, but gave us a date of March 27.....for real hahaha

So this week we went to a family who is way cool on Friday named Dela Cruz and we taught them. They said we are having like a party this tomorrow will you come...we went it's saturday now...we went there and it was way fun they gave us this rice stuff with onions and stuff...soooo masarap. We were leaving and we asked the daughter.. Mag sisisba bukas? she said we will try. Then the mom came in, sat down and said see you tomorrow! wow... sure enough they were there!! score

We have been teaching a wonderful woman with a strong testimony already the only thing is she has an apo...grandson whose dad and mom aren't the best and raised him on screens...he was just crazy on Sunday. My stress shot through the roof!

Well I guess I will tell the story of the title...We have a recent convert Brother Ignatio who is just the best! He as all these dogs and GEESE and chickens and all the goats and stuff,  So he has this dog who is a male and just is a lazy bum, doesn't like to be pet...tried to bite me.. and then like doesn't even let his own pups play with him. But then..I looked over and this happened....well this bites my camera is dead....nooooooooooooo sorry..well any way this dog let the goose sit on him and eat the bugs off him and just sit there...I'll write it down to send it next week. ok, I peomise...sorry......

well I would send pics but.....sorry family and week for sure..

well thats it for you all!!!


Monday, March 2, 2015

One word to describe this week but a lot of words to describe that word.


It is a rumor that Laoag 2 (that's my area) is the second hardest area in the mission. The first is a ward in a place called Bungi with 4 priesthood holders.

This week we were avoided, told no, told never, and that is just hard. But I learned many things from my trainer, one is never complain. We get avoided, I press on. It's all I wanna do is teach, but we just walk a lot and get door to the face time and time again.

But I'm not complaining. haha

This week we did, though, have an investigator at church and she is super, like, ready and her son too, but we are still working on him to come to church!

We have this recent convert who is super sting and loves the church and all and his family (son and one daughter) are investigating. His son name is Nhuts, haha, but he is super cool. He has a crazy, like, rash thing all over his body. His life has just been hard lately, but we gave him a blessing and came back and he just seemed happier and looked heathy AWESOME!

I was talking with one of the AP's, cause he in our zone (assistant to the president), and he defined missionary and missionary work as this:
"We Give up 2 years of time with our family so others can be with theirs for ETERNITY"
It's true and I know it. I hope you do to!

So this week we fun but let's start the picture looking at with this:

 It's called lechen bread it was just bread but sooo good...lechan baboy is a really good pork dish here but this bread was suppose to look like a pig

.I thought I had worms and idk maybe I did, but this is me with my pill that cost 98 pessos 

You see the big (looks white but its blue) and that pinkish building. yeah I took this on a tryc to our far area called Lapaz and that white building is still my area.

Well that's all fokes. I love you and hope you are great!