Monday, November 23, 2015

WEEK 5 curve ball

It has now come to my attention that i forgot about thanksgiving. That's OK I have trouble explaining to Filipinos what it is anyway, I mean you tell someone who not an american that we eat a ton of food and sometimes it get thrown away and we give thanks #america #thephilippineschangedme

So this week was a fun weird week!

We started off slow but just trying our best!! Than (funny story) The District leader told us that we need to be early like 7 am so we got there...wala pa...he didn't get there till 8. Sad part he didn't need us at 7, he need our house mates hahaha...

Then the AP's for a couple days were following up asking like how our day was and all that, so Saturday we thought you know we just need to do our very best like more than our 100% so we put 300% more into and when I say that I mean three more hours of work into our day.....sorry we didn't study! oh pala 10 LESSONS

So we got to church after we attempted to pick up people who didn't even come...We go to church and notice a group of people we taught on Friday was all there from Barangy Punti. They are out standing people. Another LA that was offended, CAME!! In all it was great to be a SANTA ANA Elder on Sunday!

Monday was MLC once again it was amazing and we took in sooo much!!!!!

BUT after we didn't wanna wake up at 3 to catch the 4 am bus so we caught the 5:30 but that actually left at 4:55 so we made it, got home and had a great night of sleep! so I am here now and love it!!!! also yeah!!!!! not much I can ask for....

Well I had this great experience using the Book of Mormon this week! the offended LA that we taught we were not sure how to meet his need it was so hard!!!!!! So we thought about it..for like 2 days then boom came to me...we actually shared the story of who Teancum was and how people felt about him after he served in a calling.....if you don't know what I mean...ask my mom or dad or any Mormon....they can help...



Monday, November 16, 2015

I'm just going to tell you things about this place.

I guess I can start by telling you about my week first.

So this week me and Whitrod thought we ought to try a new finding idea. So this week we stayed in our sentro area (its the place in the middle of Santa Ana with most people and the church) to look for boarding houses. So there are some big casinos and a ton of people work there. So at these boarding houses there are just these workers...WE FOUND A TON OF PEOPLE THIS WEEK!!!! mostly girls but that's ok that we have fellowshippers right!

That's about it though.

So I don't think I have said much about Santa Ana

It is a great place also a place with a ton of Chinese because of the casinos, but that's cool! It's a coastal town and small but it's also large in land mass. NO Puregold, no city, just the Grandma I can't say it is properly refrigerated, just sit out there fresh. The fish is the most still flopping around.

To get around we just walk, ride bikes or tri-c or jeep or UV VAN or a new one called center car it's like a tri-c but bigger and cooler.

We love it here...well I love it is simple and amazing. I don't even miss washing machines..... AND I LOVE THE PEOPLE... I always remember my bro saying love the's really hard not to love them...I will say this, I am not like Jordan and get to go shopping at English shops for good stuff; ours is all knock-off brand but that's what I's easy and amazing!!!!!!

WELL I THOUGHT MY CAM WOULD BE GOOD...maybe next week...
love you all!

Monday, November 9, 2015

LAOAG forever.....

So this week we had a wonderful 4 day trip to Laoag and this is how it started:

So Tuesday was MLC and Elder HAYNIE from the area presidency was here and we had the most amazing MLC ever. I learned a ton for my life and the welfare of my zone!
Wednesday was alright we just worked in other areas and my old, one but that night we had a fireside and it again was great! about combining members and missionaries.

Thursday we had our conference and it was just amazing. We were taught on using all of our resources like members and all the people haha it was really great!!!!!

THAN THERE WAS FRIDAY...going home the bus left at 4, we got there 3:50. The bus was full, then it was like turn heads "what now zone leader? what do we do?" ( I can make a long story short) Everyone is OK, but this one elder who said last night he will be a burden on us.....I told him that's OK as long as you know we are sorry....but or trip was rough. We got home way later than we wanted to....took 1 bus, 1 thing, and 1 uv van yuck.......1 stop in Magapit Appari and then Santa Ana.

But then Saturday and Sunday we worked and it was great!!!

I found a camera fixer so next week I will have them...until then love you all...

Monday, November 2, 2015

We are both in SANTA ANA

SO I thought I would just start by saying and NICK LONG are on other parts of the world but we are both  in SANTA ANA hahaha that's awesome right!

Any way this week was a good week. We did some more finding than we usually do. It was way fun as usual and Elder Whitrod is so fun to find with. We just go door to door and just knock and it's like being in another... usually we find people outside!!! We met great people!!!

Elder Whitrod pointed something out. He said the one and only hard thing about a Philippines mission is we teach soooo many people, but only a few except us. So that's life.

This week though we go to Laoag for 4 days for MLC and mission tour. Elder Haynie is in the area presidency now and coming here. I am stoked!!!!! We leave later!!!!

with love ET