Monday, November 24, 2014

This week was wacky!!

Monday was a good rest of the p-day and we went to our good friend Tatay Esposo who was given the Melchizedek priesthood Sunday!! and after that we took him to go with us to the Salis' family to teach an awesome lesson. The Salis' family is part-member meaning half the family is member! so that was a solid lesson!

Tuesday we started the day with a move! we moved the sisters to our area that's why we made the switch....but I'll get to that...... anyway we then went to go to the church and had our fellowshippers Brother Paul (who is getting to be closer with us and willing to teach) and Brother Mark. After that we went to Tatay Esposo again.....this is where things get hard...we get to is house and he has a window and we saw we was doing something and then he turned his head and we saw a cigarette....why Tatay why! We then knocked and he hid the evidence... we were just shocked....a man that just had the Melchizedek priesthood overcome by Satan's grasp! He than wanted to come teaching with us....but we had to say no....ahhh!!! Anyway we then went to the Ushanin who is an amazing family. The other day we tried to go they were at the hospital...I'll get to that..

Wednesday morning we got a text from \Brother Allen and he asked why we hadn't been there... this was good and bad for us. Good because he likes us there and bad because we were so busy last week we hadn't been there in a week! But we taught him and it was a great lesson!!! We then went and taught two more lessons that we had four lessons that night we had one... well that's mission work for you!! we taught brother Jay Jay and it was a good lesson!!

Thursday we had to go to Santa Domingo for district conference cause or district leader went to Manila for immigration stuff! After that we taught Allen and Esposo both great lessons, but Esposo was still hard! and it was just a short easy day that ended in ice candy making!! very good!

Friday we did planning...for the sisters..meaning I couldn't do much other than fill out progress records. We did however teach 5 lessons in the afternoon and one was at the hospital.  We taught Jay Jay and he is starting to have a better understanding! and so we went to go teach Ushanin in the hospital.  His wife however lost a child...not born yet...but she was doing fine and was very happy to see us! She is an amazing woman!

Saturday was so fun!! I lead some lessons and also sung at another baptism! hahaha but other than that it was very slow.

Sunday.....I GAVE A TALK! on temporal well being and self reliance. It was good I hope! and after that we went teaching! with the branch president in his car!!! hahaha the things I miss are silly! hahaha well that was my week I miss you all!!!
Elder Tanner

Monday, November 17, 2014

Transfer Week...

So this week is transfer week...I'm not getting transferred but at the same time I am....The sister missionaries are going to new apartments in our area so they are giving them that area and we get their area. so yeah it  is we loose so many neat people but it's OK I trust the sisters.

I'm being made aware I'm not putting detail in my email...sorry. haha but for those who are wondering, my diet is pork, chicken, rice and veggies. Thanks to Elder Robles. I am in the city so a lot of people, like a lot, and they love Christmas. The city is getting crazy haha. My chapel is kinda new and is beautiful and I am in a branch haha few people. but its all good... I get McDonald's too so that's a plus. My area is more of the suburbs and it is great!! I love it so much!!

Anyway Monday I got a special treat!! BALLUT!! for those who don't know, it is a un-hatched chicken embryo and is actually really good!! First you drink the stuff and then peel the shell, pull it out, put salt and vinegar on it...again it is actually really good.. except Elder Miller's was to old...feathers and all... figured out why it has the name it does... that's the sound you make spitting it out. hahaha soo much fun!!

Tuesday was a great day. We had our investigator come fellowship with us at the sister who refereed him! so cool!! and after that we went to Tatay Esposo's house. He is an amazing man, and after that and after lunch he fellowshipped with us!!! and this Sunday he got the Melchizedek priesthood!! soo cool!!

Wednesday was a very hard day... the day where we are full of lessons but this day we had three..... man it was tough!

Thursday we had DM and that was so cool! but after we went to McDonald's and this guy from Africa asked us about our church. We had the chance to talk to him.. he nis born again Christian (in every mission you have a "rival" church ours is englasia christian but I find the hardest people to teach are the born again...but I digress) he was cool!

Friday we had ZTM and we then went to go out and teach...we went to the Ben family!!They have an awesome family but its a little mixed up.  But its OK the single sister is a teacher and cares for her cousin and some others, but every time we come over she says "hello kupatide!" SIBLING is what that means haha. She is awesome and her cousin is a recent convert!! I led the lesson with her. Luckily my kasamas moto is "with me you'll never do bad" hahaha he's the man! and we had a fellowshipper. He was glad to be with us cause without fail we get Pepsi and bread from this family!! so cool!! haha He then walks to his house with us and wanted just to talk!! What a great guy!!

Saturday was district conference and the APs came to train us. We had so much fun and I learned great things, but no teaching was done. I got a letter from my nieces and that made my week 4000000X better

Sunday another day of conference, but we also had interviews with president... Although they were short! they were meaningful and as usual I learned a lot.

Well I hope this letter was better and I hope all of you have a great week...this week will be crazy for me...  but I'll let you know! love you all
Elder Tanner

Ballut.... Mmmmmm

Monday, November 10, 2014


So the title in Tagalog is wow! that was my phrase this week!!

So this morning we went to the Santa Domingo beach to have a zone activity and it was epic!!! The sand here is black and they harvest it cause it is magnetic so crazy!!!

Anyway Tuesday of this week I went on exchanges with Elder Miller in Bantay  and it means hill......on a highway in the sun soooooo hot, but we had so much fun!!! He is the best!

Wednesday we were crowd control for an eye test thing at the church and that was way cool, but the ZLs came with mail...every letter my mom has emailed me now makes sense with that physical mail.

Thursday was district training and the ZLs came and helped with teaching. We had Elder Kabiling. He is so funny!!!

Friday we did planning and teaching. hahaha

Saturday was a hot day so crazy!!!! and we did a lot of work! but Friday I was told I was speaking in church but on Saturday they forgot it was primary program so I didn't speak.

Sunday our goal was 5 investigators at church....we had 6!! so cool!!! After we went to brother Allen's house...his Baptism date is DEC. 6 but he has a word of wisdom problem and he been doing great.  They all drink Milo and not coffee any more (Milo like Nesquick but it can be hot or cold!) he is 14 days sober and cutting back on cigs.... but they told us they want to push the date back...BAKIT!!...he had a good reason... he wanted to be 100% clean of WoW.  Oh man it was so cool and on Saturday Brother Allen fellowshipped with us to the sister who referred him!

So great!! well good week talk to you later

Elder Tanner

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy All Saints Day

So I will get to the title, it's pretty great!

Tuesday we did a lot of finding and walking and some teaching. haha It was a rough day.
Oh and Monday night we were walking to an appointment and this guy drives by and yelled CRACKER and Elder Robles goes..."he not Filipino.." hahahah

Wednesday we went on exchanges. I went to Vigan 2 area and it was way hot all day. But on a more solid note I killed at teaching. It was so much fun haha and I learned so much!!! And out of all the weird things I got sun burnt. It's also cause this area is all highway.

Thursday we had training and after we studied and then we went out teaching. We taught some great lessons. One to a recent convert who is getting the Melchizedek priesthood soon!! And then a sister is also an RC who invited her friends....they are both like way solid and just loved our message so they are great and yeah.

Friday was a weird day...the day before All Saints Day and so it was a half day for work and school and so yeah! We taught an investigator about the Book of Mormon and he still has questions but so does every one else...weird thing though we got home and I was sooo tired... right after day review I fell asleep on the couch....oh man, idk why but I was just exhausted.

Saturday was All Saints Day.....soo All Saints Day is the day every one celebrates the dead. During the day it felt like a normal Saturday, but oh man night time came.. appt fell through, people everywhere, but one amazing thing happened. Elder Miller, who I am going on exchanges with, taught me this thing about family and using your hand. So we went to a less active, taught that and some other things and left....he showed up to church on Sunday with his family..... GRABE...that night we went to family home evening and it was good but we heard that a fellowshipper of ours, who reminds me of my Grandpa Tanner, was in the ICU and the word is he is kind of OK but he had a stroke, so we might see him or his family today. Sad. He's so funny

Sunday was a good Sunday. but later that day we had the privilege to watch an area conference with Dallin H Oaks!! great talk!!

well that's all folks

Much love Elder Tanner