Monday, November 9, 2015

LAOAG forever.....

So this week we had a wonderful 4 day trip to Laoag and this is how it started:

So Tuesday was MLC and Elder HAYNIE from the area presidency was here and we had the most amazing MLC ever. I learned a ton for my life and the welfare of my zone!
Wednesday was alright we just worked in other areas and my old, one but that night we had a fireside and it again was great! about combining members and missionaries.

Thursday we had our conference and it was just amazing. We were taught on using all of our resources like members and all the people haha it was really great!!!!!

THAN THERE WAS FRIDAY...going home the bus left at 4, we got there 3:50. The bus was full, then it was like turn heads "what now zone leader? what do we do?" ( I can make a long story short) Everyone is OK, but this one elder who said last night he will be a burden on us.....I told him that's OK as long as you know we are sorry....but or trip was rough. We got home way later than we wanted to....took 1 bus, 1 thing, and 1 uv van yuck.......1 stop in Magapit Appari and then Santa Ana.

But then Saturday and Sunday we worked and it was great!!!

I found a camera fixer so next week I will have them...until then love you all...

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