Monday, January 26, 2015

This week was... I can only put into words as "next time na lang elder"

So this week was the week that I have had the fewest fellowshippers. and they would all say next time na lang elder.....grrrrrr But that's ok, we still did ok!

So we had a week pack full of people and now we have a week full of finding, if you know what I mean. if you don't we had to drop a ton of people this week..

I think this week I'll just tell simple stories.

So me and Elder Hickey went to this house and we did the whole Tao po (people here) it's the way to knock. We saw this old tatay sitting there and he sat up, looked at us, then sat down... that was so silly hahaha

Then we have this investigator who is now progressing and they came to church. They are two young sisters and their mom. Let's just say the young men are willing to fellowship this week...They were so funny. Earlier this week we went to their house and had some....ok if any of you are PETA sue me in 2 ight...I had some very MASARAP or delishes  HORSE MEAT. It was definitely one of my new favorites. They are great people and are willing to hear what we have.

Yesterday we went on splits and I was with Brother Paul who hasn't worked cause he has a job now! But we went to Brother Lims house and they are so nice. We had a way solid lesson and Brother Paul pulled out a sweet OBJ lesson it was awesome. Tapos we went to a family who is a recent convert and a less active and a non member and had a powerful lesson, but after that some old nanay was like Elder come here, khain tayo, I was like no thanks, but she came over and said that she was the only one at church..I soon found out she was way drunk! hahaha but I had a conversation with her in Taglolg and she understood and everyone else did....what!!!!! hahaha its nice! Elder Hickey is teaching me well. I'm also seeing my English kind of grammer funny.

Well that was my week, not to much, just hard work and crazy people. hahaha Love you all and remember a day without laughter is still a day, but a day without a daily feast on the words of Christ is a dayyyyy wasted.

Love you all

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Ilokano pigeon who had a sister and went to the langganisa festival and ate sugar beats.

Don't you worry I will explain the title as I go on...I'll tell you the pigeon one cause it really doesn't fit in....anyway so there is this language called Ilokano.  The tale goes in Hawaii if you can speak it they respect you cause maraming Filipino sa Hawaii (many Filipino in Hawaii) but I heard that they speak "pidgin" there and it's weird sounds like Ilokano  like dijay and ditoy its cool!! so if you go to your Ilokano.

Anyway the rest of the email will tell the rest of my title.

So this week we had 43 lessons...AY GRABE

Need I say more hahaha we went to an investigators house and we were waiting for him and just talked to his older sister who is a returning member and super cool!!  I was telling a story about Jordan and I said and atay ko....and my companion was like wait, you have a SISTER? I was like no..I was like wait, what's the word for older bro...sorry Jordan.  That means I called a couple boys older sister....cause when you see kids you say adien.. but older bro is kuya! haha blast!!!!

We met this guy..very wealthy,  but at a very young age he went to California so he doesn't know Tagalog so yes, I taught a lesson in was mahirap it was weird...I forgot the gospel in English!! hahah

This week in Vigan they were prepping for the festival that is langganisa...meaning pretty much sausage idk but there is sooooo much and it looked sooo good! hindi ko po alam if I'm aloud to eat some, but I'd love some!! haha so good! and yeah

cge so we went to a wonderful family's house named Amikay and they are the best!!  They are recent converts gone less active gone returning haha so much fun! but they are just so great!! We were done teaching and they said, wait, we have mirienda! (snacks..) they looked like onion shaped potatoes  but they tasted so good!! I think they are SUGAR BEATS. They gave us a FAT bag full of them and they are weirdly tasting plain but I love them, but I haven't tried them in vinegar, haha, but they are good.....Elder Miller, my housemate, said man, my parents would think I'm crazy if I said I'm having vegetables for a snack...mine too hahaha.  My dad sent me a email saying I look skinny...hahaha I was like isn't that a good thing?

hahaha Some of you wonder what I eat...Have you ever had rice 3 meals a day...I have!!!  hahahaha and veggies and meat and hot dogs and yeah!!! It's a great life here... I eat well and drink water...even more now that I'm a little sick... hahaha

Well that was this week. I hope you guys are staying safe!!!

wala pictures cause busy week but mahal kita!!!


Monday, January 12, 2015

A week full of fairies and shooting stars

So yeah not fairies but I saw a shooting star. It might have been space rock cause it fell forever. hahah

Anyway this week was way crazy and fun and hard cause we didn't know our fellowshippers schedule.

So let's start with the days we went finding.

Tuesday we found this man who is way awesome and a member who lives somewhere else. But we taught him and then after he asked if he could work with us. We said yes, he said good, we will convert all of San Vicente.  So yeah we got like all his family and friends and classmates to listen to us! Even better part is that he is a fellowshipper who is 100% doctrine and isn't crazy! He told us 3 times one night we should build a building in San Vicente, I was like lets do it....He is a super missionary in the way he has powerful but short lessons, but he loves all that he teaches and is very doctrinally sound. haha  And the best member cause he gives us REFERALS!

I guess you could call him our fairy or angel...either way he is a perfect example to what we must be as members and missionaries.

So this week was a weird week health wise for me, not in the sense of bone or sickness, but it stared out with a small athletes foot, then an ingrown toenail..then on top of that my ankle was swollen and it didn't hurt to walk on. I was like why is it sooo fat!! My comp was like, oh man, you got bit by a .......if you are squeamish skip this....a cockroach. ahhhh haha But it is fine now, just crazy! Let's be real life rocks haha and don't worry dad, I'm taking care of my feet, just got behind, but its good now.

Well what else....oh man I taught a lesson in English!! I thought it would be was so hard!!! haha but the guy is way into Family Search and has been to SLC a ton to do family work, but it's hard since he's Filipino. He moved to California when he was young so walang tagloag but ok naman po! haha So yeah that's my life. Work, work, work. Really, we really want 50 lessons!

So there's this game the kids play here with these chips and you have to throw it on the ground. The goal is to flip your opponent's chip...I only have two but my deck is pretty stacked right now with Pokemon and Frozen

next is some of our house

cge tapos na

mahal kita!

Monday, January 5, 2015


So this New Year was crazy...hard.. hahaha  We were shooting for the 50 goal....we got...41!!! sooo close but it was a weird week due to transfers...

Starting on Tuesday p-day we tried a new thing and shopped at the have sooo much veggies now but it's a good life...

Soo new house mates means getting used to the way they live...very proactive and messy...they get up work out...then clean the dishes they need, then eat and just leave them around.  You will be happy to hear that that is not the way I roll. but unfortunately I am now the house dish washer except Mondays because its "part of cleaning the apartment" E Miller's comp is very messy. but I'll live..just wash dishes..and not cry...joke na lang...

So we are working very hard and met some amazing people. We have been having powerful lessons with Brother Allen and family! and just finding a ton....not a lot to report on this week but I'll do my best...

So we taught this brother Wednesday, Tapos. His wife came home and then her sibling came over......her sibling is very baklat...yea, i said it...but we taught him, another, like, cousin...anyway we got a return appointment and we went back with Brother Paul the fellowshipper and this time he had his...friend was a tough lesson because they would talk and like be ina pro pro. Then I started to close, like say the prayer, and I was pouring my soul out...SLUURPPP I said one more thing and closed...GROSSS...than they pretty much attacked Paul...I felt bad and took Paul to get some mirenda...snack... was way other news I figured out my camera can change the colors in pictures...nights are weird....

So there is this noise maker here called BOGA....Jordan Tanner when I get home we are making 100 of them and selling them to children cause that's who uses them here....It's literately cans taped with crazy rubber tape and then a pop bottle, like neck, and then a lighter thing on the lid...for real. So loud..the gas for it is hard alcohol

Anyway that's all

so first it is our Christmas in my ward owns a Pepsi place 6 each 

next is my fave family the Abong family

next is Elder Hickey

Tapos, Elder Robles, Paul and Mark

And now the leaving missionary and us. Sorry mom, I can't take serious pics

last and not least..I think. My boy Jerome who's sis went to the field this week!! pretty cool cat man!!

welll tapos na
mahal kita
mahal ko kyo lahat!!
E Tanner

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