Monday, July 13, 2015

What are you do. Where are you go

So  this week I notice one thing. As a foreign speaking missionary your native language speaking skills go bad.....I mean this week while in language study Elder Ellis said what are you do? I have come to notice my English doesn't suck cause I speak Tagalog every day, it's the fact that every day I speak to a French speaker and two Filipinos who all wanna learn things kind of just pass now cause they make sense, but it's not correct grammar and I'm just like, yeah, and then boom goes my lang hahahaha

Another funny thing I was just on is actually a PDF to show missions that don't need suit jackets now.....hahahaha of course I was of all the Philippines

ISA PA NOT FUNNY THOUGH.....So this is mostly for family but just so you know too...there is a storm right now but its only signal 1 right now meaning weak and there is a mist rain coming down.....since Sunday at 1PM and. yeah. it is a bagyo. but we got the news there is one right behind it! If the two combined it could be a super typhoon.... Last night there was a earthquake that was muck bigger than what I have ever felt....and an aftershock but nothing broken or anything......I AM OK even if the storm does get big there are things in line for our safety.... I just tell you to update so you don't freak out. I am alive. I am Ok and if the storm get signal 3 we are on lock down. Earthquakes...well lets just say what Elder Ellis said this morning "If I am not dead it's not powerful. If I wake up in spirit world..then I will say that was powerful."

ANYWAY this WEEK was our new mission president came didn't stop...yet....Wednesday of this week we have a meet the mission president and wife conference. But I already met them on Sunday!!! and the 3 KIDS

THIS week was also good to see that we were able to have an INV at church who is way solid the only thing is is he is from Ilicano He didn't really know Ilicano so yeah!

This week we met this way cool sister named Sister Garcia...she is from Negros (south near Cebu.....) BUT she is way cool and she is a LA but her husband is a year older than me. She's 21 yata BUT she is so cool and was like can we have an FHE SOON? I was like DUH~!!!!!



If you ever think your mom and grandma don't know you.....go on a mission and have  a birthday....I got two lovely life saving boxes!!!! both the best thing ever!!!!!!

AND I worked out for 10 mins. the result was wet. Didn't even work that hard it's just that hot.


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