Monday, October 26, 2015


SO this week was transfers!

Tuesday I was on a bus forever and after that on top of a jeep thing it was way fun!!!
SO no work that day and the next day we were able to go to a progressing investigato and teach him! He got baptized on Saturday!

SO Thursday I was not able to work...I had SORE EYES...i'ts pink eye but worse.

So it was the worst and then on Friday we got to work and that was still hard hahaha. We just told the world about a baptism and it rained and my eye hurt hahahaha but it's life!!!

Saturday that was a good day!! we went to work in the morning! then we went to the church and got to have a wonderful baptism and did the baptizing at the ocean ( my first) its way cool!!! it was like roll up you pants don't get wet...oh wait high water! hahahah it was funny to go back to the MEETING HOUSE and be all wet!

Sunday was way fun ton of youth in the branch!

ANY way Santa Ana is amazing and its huge land area but it's a port town with 3 Chinese Casinos. I can't wait to go.......JOKE LANG!!!!! It's all coast line and 9 hours from Laoag and is far from the culture. I really love it here and I am still a ZL and this is my first AUSSI companion!!!

There are 4 elders here all in the same apartment so it's been awhile to have an English companion and house mate! But we have a main room and 2 bed rooms and a kitchen and CR or comfort room or bathroom, yes, bucket and ladle shower!

I love this work and my camera still jank!! SO LOVE YOU ALL!!

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