Monday, April 25, 2016


This was my first week in my New area!!!!! ITS WAY MAGANDA (Beautiful) 

My companion is really great!!! We teach really well together! like we have been together for awhile! 
The members here are really great and really love to work with us. Yesterday we went on splits all 8 of us.....EPIC!!!! I am not sure if this is my last area but I love it here.

So we also found 19 new investigators this week....They are all great and if we work well with them 85% will be baptized...the reason it's 85 and not 100 cause people asked us to not come back. yeah! 
I Finally figured out why people spend so much on's not the ticket for the bus, it's the money for the food you buy after you go through the mountains to not get supper sick! 

First Sunday I blessed the sacrament and Taught Gospel Principals...sisters idea,

Well I hope you guys are doing great!!! 


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