Monday, April 18, 2016


So I am getting transferred!!! Going to Camalaniugan  so That's super cool!!!! I don't know my companion but his name is Elder Cerbolles... so that's going to be way fun!

Any way there's something I forgot to tell you; something last week! Well last last week when I was on exchanges with the APs we were a little late so we went to one of the appointments in the truck. After that the fellowshipper canceled on the AP was like I don't want to just go back to grab the bikes! so we worked in the Truck...felt like the boys back state side.

So I haven't really talked about my companion but he is way cool. He is originally from Peru but lives in Queens, New York. He speaks English and so it's all chill.

So this week was way cool!!! We got some fellowshippers, a ton, and it was way cool! Gave Vhiggo (fellowshipper) my KD jersey! so that's how great they are!

Yesterday I totally rode a caribou!!!!!! OH MAY FUN!!!!!!!!

I am excited to not be a ZL any more!!!! but it was fun!!!! time to just focus on the area!!!!!

Well, love you all have a great day!

The District 


Bryan at his wedding!

Sister Corpuz



Transfer text


 Dudley and yeah! 


Jun and Geisha


Pictures from this morning... 

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