Thursday, April 7, 2016

Better Week!

Every thing I am going to write really happen but the reason it happened is false.

2 weeks ago after weekly planning and studies we were planning our day and the AP's came over said they were "just dropping by" And BOOM took our phone. Than Monday they stopped by to give us some stuff and I asked what was the reason they took my phone and couldn't have it for a week. Reason...Text mate (definition of that is two people that text back and forth)  FAST FORWARD one week...longest week ever.... I was talking to a sister in my zone and in my district....and same ward. Told me that it was her that they said my text mate was. Fast forward to last Friday.  Went on Exchanges with the AP something came up and he said OK so what really happen? ( NOTE: this is the real story) The sister had an uncle who passed away. I told him that as ZL I was doing my job to do more than encourage and stuff but to "Lift, Inspire, Bless" (WHB 57) The AP said " it's all just a misunderstanding" Fast forward, yesterday, MLC, got the phone! I refuse to hold it......BUT I SILL LOVE MY MISSION AND MY PRESIDENT!

Anyway this week was great, well this weekend!

There was this thing called Hear Heaven's Voice. It was a musical fireside that we taught the restoration through SONG! My zone was only in it for 1 song, but everyone said I should have been in it All. We sang "An Angel From on High"! It was pretty great! Got to see some members in Laoag and some missionaries in Batac, but our 2 fellowshippers went with us..PICs Later.

MONDAY was MLC.....nothing new

I hope you don't think less of me.....I LOVE THIS WORK!!!!
and you guys

 Glad it got here...Grandma's latter

Sisters in my zone/music fireside

 me and Pena in Laoag  

 Laoag sign and me  

 I had to explain a tank top to some Filipinos (cause I didn't know it in Tagalog)

 music fire side 

 me and sister andrada!!!!! 


 elders at MLC 

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