Monday, April 11, 2016

Mad Real

First off what an amazing conference!

Being away from home no one ever hears how I feel about stuff so here we go.
I want to be Blunt again some may think what I am going to say is opinionated. I find it actually factual. After Hearing the oppose to the prophet and the 12 I think it's safe to say the reason is gay marriage and the section of the handbook that says Children of gay couples can't be baptized till they are 18. I invite you to look at 2 key things I think are important to understand. 1st The Family a Proclamation to the World stating the family stands next to Traditional marriage (between man and woman.) 2nd Every missionary ever who has filled out a baptism record knows a person Under the age of 18 must have written consent from the parents. So it is any wonder a people that HATE the church for Loving Traditional marriage and standing next to it (Firmly I might add.) would let there kid join that church. NOT SAYING GAYS ARE BAD PEOPLE ...BUT don't think the church isn't going to let that person come to heard Neil L Anderson talk about the kids who parents didn't let them join but they still brought the bread every week.....

ANY way thats my rant for the week

This week was busy! FIRST MLC than ZTM on Thursday
For ZTM the training that me and Elder Pena where assigned to do was large so we decided to tag team it! We think that we did really good and overall was a great training!! !

Saturday and Sunday were conference

OH man, well first off it was my last!!!!! hahahaha But also it was inspiring!!!
Every word sung, every word said! MOVED me. I think the Best part was Saturday morning they were singing Come Thou Fount and the big man was balling his eyes out...that's a man who really feels what he sings!

I love this work, I do my best and I have fun while doing it. You all are the best!!!!!!
Love ET

tee Pee


The FUTURE of tryc riding!!! SAME PRICE 

.I LOVE my mission. found them dead while sweeping....looks like a battle of epics! 

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