Monday, March 30, 2015

When in doubt. call a Samoan!

So this week I can tell you was way better than the past 6. I had a hard companion and we tried to get along but it was tough. "It suffice me" to not go into detail about it just keep in mind it was hard, harder than hard things I've done.

SO Tuesday was Transfer day!! I picked up Elder SEU-MANU-TAFA (for all who might have trouble saying his name(all the people here)) we went to the apatment and we just sat down, I thought plan then head out. He pulls out maps, ask about the people, the area and all that. He is SUPER MASIPAG. That Tuesday we had 7 lessons (I've been informed that's more than other missions get in a week) But Elder Seu (for short) showed great love for all the people and was a great example and it was a fun day. Also at this point in the week I started planning for nany Celia's Baptism!

Before I go on I wanna tell you about Elder Seumanutafe! or as I see his name seuMANUtafa (lets see who really knows me hahahaha joke lang) So one of the first things he did was show me a picture of him and his Lola (grandmother). He told me that the Sunday before transfers she passed away. That's why he came out of being an office elder, to be a normal missionary so he wouldn't have time just to sit and think. He is very strong and loves to work! Also he has an inborn problem with his ear so he is deaf in the left ear! That still doesn't stop him! He is awesome and SHEMPRE he eats like a boss but isn't like BIG.

Wednesday was good it was a little tough cause we were still getting into the swing of things! like finding and stuff! so yeah!  Also I got a blister and that hurt. It lasted till Saturday and it was just the worst, on the bottom of my foot, but now I'm good. It's good, yeh!

Thursday we had District meeting! and that was way good. It was about prayer and helping the Investigators to pray. Then we had a legendary practice teaching me and Seu taught Elder Payne and Sister Adaline (idk how to spell, but yeah!) and we killed it! like it was awesome! Then we went to McDO for lunch. I ordered and all I got was fries and a chicken sandwhich with a drink! Elder Seu got 2 burgers, just like small regular burgers, and Spaghetti and 3THREE3 orange juices.....finished before I did...what the heck!

It's funny at the apartment when we eat he puts a plate for me and then puts a small ice cream pail for him....hahaha he eats let me tell you!

Friday we did weekly planning! For the past 6 weeks we did it in less than 2 hours...this Friday we took all 3 hours! For me that's good...we care!

Saturday I had a BAPTISM. Now if you wonder what it's like on the day of one here in the Philippines, I worked from 8 to 11, came home, studied, went to the chapel at 2, got ready, did it then went home, dropped off my stuff, then went right back to work! 5 lessons lang that day though. before I tell you about the baptism I'll tell you about the day, more the afternoon.....the went to the wonderful fishing town of Lapaz and there we were going to teach a young family about fellowshipping. We started out by asking did you live here? They said no, we moved here. Then she told us the story I never heard..... her husband and her lived in Sentro and yeah. then one night her Husband (who is way cool, has the scripture reference tatooed on his arm! from the Book of Mormon! Don't worry he knows now not to do that hahahaha) but he got stabbed through and through!  They have a tough life! So after we heard the story we changed the plan and taught atonement! great lesson! Then we went to an RC who's son is a hood rat. Then we asked the questions. Same thing happened. They just told us ( we went there Tuesday so they knew SEU) good thing I have the gentle giant as a companion! he is the best!

CGE the was tough....8 people were there (4 of those were missionaries. NO bishop he didn't say I won't be there too...what the?  haha It was suppose to be starting at 3, did't start till 3:30, but it was the most wonderful experience....we conducted the bishop-brick presided! These are my wonderful friends, Sister Staples, Sister Lynn (Not missionary) Sister Malobago (Sister Malonew) as we call her and NANY CELIA and then gwapo then Elder Seu

Well that's all folks.  I hope your next 4 weeks are great or 27 days however you count.....  ;) love you all

P.S Christmas is coming up....I mean conference, sorry...I don't get it till the 11th and 12th so talk to me about it on the 13th any sooner....I'll be idk haha thanks
mahal kita

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