Monday, March 16, 2015


But don't worry there no buzzer beaters here

So this week was a strange one indeed.

Starting Tuesday I woke up not feeling so hot! But of course I still went to work! So we worked and it was a good day but I could just feel myself getting worse. It was also a hard day cause my companion started counting the days of going home! IF you know some about missionary work, the day a missionary starts counting down is the day his companion stresses out cause everything is on you and if you mess up it's worst than before.

So Tuesday to Wednesday that night I'm pretty 100% sure I had a fever and it was just the worst and in the morning I felt like death. I got up, took a shower and felt a little better, LITTLE is the key word. But the night of Wednesday was better and we went to Brother Vals house...I think I told you about him. He is from the USA and visits his family here yearly. We taught him and he had the best questions. All but one we answered. (the only one we couldn't was a made up Bible verse he or we could't find.)

Before I go on about my week! I just have to say how awesome it is learning a language! But the mission I'm in and a few south of me the people speak Ilicano (don't worry they speak Tagalog din) but the great thing is as a missionary you can learn the SMALL Ilicano words and like it's so fun cause that's what we do to BRT (Build relationship of trusT) they love it when a white kid says they are still young in the language of there fathers. SOOOOO FUNNNNN

So Thursday I did the MINI training at district meeting it was cool I guess.

Anyway jumping to Saturday. SO I wrote in my Planner "Jordan's Birthday" I will admit I forgot how to spell it. It took my writing it twice to get it down. Off to the side I wrote names are weird....In other weird news my brother is now 21!!! phhhhwhat!

Not a lot of pics this week but I will show you this...This is the view from our apartment. It's a famous bell tower here/cathedral and its sinking!

Well that's all folks. I'll show you next week the entire tower. I just gotta take a pic....

Well love you all!!

P.S you guys rock


That goose I told you about


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