Monday, March 2, 2015

One word to describe this week but a lot of words to describe that word.


It is a rumor that Laoag 2 (that's my area) is the second hardest area in the mission. The first is a ward in a place called Bungi with 4 priesthood holders.

This week we were avoided, told no, told never, and that is just hard. But I learned many things from my trainer, one is never complain. We get avoided, I press on. It's all I wanna do is teach, but we just walk a lot and get door to the face time and time again.

But I'm not complaining. haha

This week we did, though, have an investigator at church and she is super, like, ready and her son too, but we are still working on him to come to church!

We have this recent convert who is super sting and loves the church and all and his family (son and one daughter) are investigating. His son name is Nhuts, haha, but he is super cool. He has a crazy, like, rash thing all over his body. His life has just been hard lately, but we gave him a blessing and came back and he just seemed happier and looked heathy AWESOME!

I was talking with one of the AP's, cause he in our zone (assistant to the president), and he defined missionary and missionary work as this:
"We Give up 2 years of time with our family so others can be with theirs for ETERNITY"
It's true and I know it. I hope you do to!

So this week we fun but let's start the picture looking at with this:

 It's called lechen bread it was just bread but sooo good...lechan baboy is a really good pork dish here but this bread was suppose to look like a pig

.I thought I had worms and idk maybe I did, but this is me with my pill that cost 98 pessos 

You see the big (looks white but its blue) and that pinkish building. yeah I took this on a tryc to our far area called Lapaz and that white building is still my area.

Well that's all fokes. I love you and hope you are great! 

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