Monday, March 23, 2015

I am staying here

Don't be alarmed if my title seems depressing, I just didn't know what to say other than I am staying in the wonderful city of Laoag. But!! May bago kasama po ako. Elder Eduria is going out and Elder SEUMANUTAFA (say that 3 times fast) is coming in!

So thats way cool! I am pretty excited to lead an area like this. Very tough, very bitter people in sentro but for me it will be exciting!

So this week was pretty great. Let me start with nanay SIlia. So I MIGHT have neglected to tell you this but we have had an investigator who is progressing and going to church! This week she had her baptism INTERVIEW and of course passed with flying colors. So my dear family, I will be holding a baptism the 28th of this month and will be the baptizer! It's a great feeling.....little stressed! but all is well!

 So this week was way fun we had zone conference (meaning the entire mission) on Tuesday morning! and that for me was an out pour of revelation! But it was also a simple chastise for pasauy missionaries. President quoted some scripture saying "in the last days there will be harsh sayings" of course he wasn't mad, just worried. hahaha His words!   Also he said the funniest thing, guess I'm the last one to hear it! sinabi nya "we're mormons, we meet and we eat" hahaha that's true de ba!

So Thursday we went on exchanges and I worked with Elder Payne her in Laoag and Elder Eduria went to Baccara! Elder Payne worked here he, actually trained my last companion here! So we went to work and found people he taught or found! We found a young family by the name of Lorenzo! They listened and acceepted a Baptism date! Then the funniest thing happened he told me of this less active and the house was in the cemetery. So we went and walked to where it was! There was a ground and theses walls about 2 feet high. Elder Payne asked what happened? He said, "I swear the house was eight here!!" but sure enough they moved into a bigger house in the cemetery and we taught them and it was way fun! Elder Payne really helped I've been struggling a litlle, but Elder Payne helped more than I can write!

Well I have pictures but we are at  crap computer shop!! NEXT WEEK? sorry!! I promise next week!!! love you all

Again sorry mom!  no pics


P.S Thanks mom

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