Monday, March 9, 2015

My best friend the goose

There is a story behind that, I swear, but mamaya ah?

So this week was actually really good!

I'll start with a man named Val. Val is a retired Doctor and lives in Vancouver Washington. so no Tagolog. if your next question is did you tech him, yes, we did in English. Hard for my companion and me...really, but the funny thing is his family he visits there dragged him to church sunday! He is way cool and knows the Mormons...having lived in Orem, Utah for his childhood. The only thing that sucked was we had a fellowshipper hoping to teach this Less active family of woman.....but he didn't talk cause he didn't understand English, bummer really.

Funny thing, I was walking back to the appointment after a long day. I saw two white guys and said hello....back to me he said Bonjour..the funny thing is I took French in HS I couldn't talk back cause I don't remember anything hahaha, sorry dad.

So we taught a man named Nrother Corpuz. We met him on Feb. 18. He schedualed us for two days ago..we went, taught, then we said can we come back this week. He said maybe not, but gave us a date of March 27.....for real hahaha

So this week we went to a family who is way cool on Friday named Dela Cruz and we taught them. They said we are having like a party this tomorrow will you come...we went it's saturday now...we went there and it was way fun they gave us this rice stuff with onions and stuff...soooo masarap. We were leaving and we asked the daughter.. Mag sisisba bukas? she said we will try. Then the mom came in, sat down and said see you tomorrow! wow... sure enough they were there!! score

We have been teaching a wonderful woman with a strong testimony already the only thing is she has an apo...grandson whose dad and mom aren't the best and raised him on screens...he was just crazy on Sunday. My stress shot through the roof!

Well I guess I will tell the story of the title...We have a recent convert Brother Ignatio who is just the best! He as all these dogs and GEESE and chickens and all the goats and stuff,  So he has this dog who is a male and just is a lazy bum, doesn't like to be pet...tried to bite me.. and then like doesn't even let his own pups play with him. But then..I looked over and this happened....well this bites my camera is dead....nooooooooooooo sorry..well any way this dog let the goose sit on him and eat the bugs off him and just sit there...I'll write it down to send it next week. ok, I peomise...sorry......

well I would send pics but.....sorry family and week for sure..

well thats it for you all!!!


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