Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas in Vigan

So this Christmas other than what candy and the speakers I got in the package from home, I got a broken yo-yo from my house mate Elder Miller and foot spray for stinky feet...lets just say we have been in the same house\ since August. haha  It was a busy Christmas...the 24th we worked 8-12, 1-5 then lock down! Christmas....8-12, 1-8 pm grabe and a ton of food...sooo full!! Elder Robles made a makeshift grill....rice cooker and a grill top. haha so nice! and cooked some bomb food!! Then the 26th I got to see my wonderful family, side note..so the white book says 40 mins max sooo yeah any way!!! but it was way fun for sure!!!

One  thing that the Philippines does is celebrate for like 7 days straight..it's been fireworks like every night! They are so loud and the kids have these things that look like a potato cannon, but the just go boom and they are way loud... sometimes they let us make them pop!! It's so fun!!

I will admit I have had some foods that make my tummy "go boom in the night" like street food!! but its only the bbq. haha  The members fed us so much on Christmas!! my tummy was soo full and had soooooo much Pepsi

I suck at writing any way this week was crazy!! but guess what...Elder Robles got transferred.

Mahriap talaga but my companion's name is a name that means the world to me but in no relation (that we know of ) it's Elder Hickey! he super cool. taga utah po siya

OK so this week is really weird. I'm sorry. But anyway I am now the senior companion...to the district leader....I got a little stress going now!! but I know that I can do it!!!

It's an amazing time here and I'm glad to be staying in Vigan!!!

well now I'm done!!! hahaha sorry!!


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