Monday, December 15, 2014

This Week

So this week was just dandy.

Tuesday we went to Allen and family's house...We waited for Tatay to get home with his son..and remember his son was very sick. So we got there and we saw him and his son come on a bike! The son was just back to his old crazy silly self! Thank you so much! is all I said in my prayer that night!

Wednesday was exchange day...we got punted 3 times before 9:30 ahhhhh but any way. We went finding and found some great people and walked forever, haha, but I learned a lot from a man going home in two weeks. He is the best and an Aussie/Penoy. haha The afternoon we had a fellowshipper who has a tryc and a huge help. We got punted from one appointment and he told me we should go to Padilia..I knew why... they are teen girls; he's a teen boy..but after they told us that we should go to Rabong house, a woman who's husband had a stroke. We visited and talked, taught and felt the spirit....great house so kind to us too..... The great thing is my DL said "yah, you can definitely lead an area." Yes, job well done, Elder Tanner.

Thursday and Friday we taught....this week was not busy because we got punted...but we did treat our fellowshipper Brother Jerome to Miranda, yummy 7-11

Saturday...lets call it punt day..... we had Jolly Bee for lunch.... I love that place....yah, that was my highlight......

I'm sorry this week was so hard.....not a lot just a lot of punts

love Elder Tanner

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