Monday, December 22, 2014

This week

This week was crazy good. we went to Laoag for Christmas conference and I learned a standards and bars have been set......

We are now to get 50 lessons a week...and 2 baptized a week....soo that's next year!!

Anyway I think I might just answer questions....then talk a little about this week...

Q: How do you get around?
A: I don't have a bike, I walk..or ride a tryc or bus

Q: Do you eat?
A: Yes, my comp is a great cook but has become lazy, makes us cook...I can now no longer say that I can't cook cause I that's cool

Q: How are you?
A: I'm tired...there no such thing as being fully rested. haha I learned that this week.. I have bags under my eyes..but hey what do you expect, I'm hastening the work...that's not easy stuff man

OK now my week..
Well this week we went to Laoag and our DL was like we have to leave early..little did he know Partas could get us there in an yeah we were super early haha

We had a devotional with president about the 50 lessons. hahaha It was so great. Then we did an amazing race! haha we were on teams, had to run around get things and all that, haha Soo much running. My team won of course.. I met my mission granddad and so on haha

So yesterday we told our elders quorum about the the afternoon we got 4 fellow shippers and went on splits...Yes I led....I taught and talked and it was awesome!!!! After that we met back up went on a 15 min tryc ride to the south China sea. Taught a lesson with 4 fellowshippers to a family......what an experience...soooo

I might just send pictures to describe life..

Partas bus 

 Brother Paul, Elder Robles and a Tryc

Mirenda time with si brother Paul and Jerome

My life in a picture

Well love you all!!! bye!!!

Love ET

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