Tuesday, July 5, 2016


This week started real weird in the case that everything was just going downhill!!!!

But we really put the car in OVERDRIVE in our work.... we had a poor week last week!!!!
So this week we planned well. We had things to do all day, every day!!! It was epic.....

Sad news, we were suppose to have a baptism this upcoming July 2. But it won't happen cause we are still working with her and her family to get them ready and really focus on the gospel and not drinking and smoking!

My dear body is getting beat up and it's not like hit me all at once thing, it's like.....slow and surely...hahah I am OK but I have just been a little sick and just it takes my energy away that I need some days.....but it just means night time sleep is not interrupted.... nice and full....not like a baby cause let's be real......they don't sleep well..,.....

I forgot my camera at home so next week there will be 2X the pics.....I left it charging.....silly me....... well that's all for the week.

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