Sunday, July 24, 2016


This week was awesome!!!! It was just a blast really.....

So Tuesday we went to a house we've been to before but this time they were all there and in total we got 5 new part is....they are old they know, it's just the task of them knowing for sure!!!! Even better.....we didn't even get to teach half of them.....there is more!!!

My life is great...We had a meeting with the branch pres Yesterday.... We have great plans coming part I have just enough time to get a few things done on that list!!!!

SO life is good....I didn't drink soda all week and actually lost a little bit of weight...and worked out all week..not Sunday of course......boom!!!!!

I love you all and I will see you soon!!!!!


New investigators...

So this is JB (Jabelinn) we taught her first and she just got baptized !!!!!!!!

"Vaccinated pilippino"

me and the man of the hour Elder Thomas

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