Monday, July 11, 2016

yeah that just happened

My last transfer starts today. My new Companion is Elder Thomas...he is a prince from the Marshal that's cool...and to keep me busy I am now the District leader here! so that's cool!

Any way so this week started on Tuesday with one of the elders in the appt. getting sick with a 101 he went to the Hospital.. turns out he had he was there for three days!!!! ahhh!! But he is ok now so that's way good..

We had a really slow week and um well Friday I woke up feeling poopy... than Saturday also  but no fever..finally we went to the Dr....Sister Andradas order...I have Amebiasis...or however you spell it...I am good and feeling better now!!!! so life is great!!!!! I just can't eat chicken, beef or pork for like a week and take pills life is great!!!!!

Well I am sure this upcoming week will be eventful....LOVE YOU ALL


me and AP Peterson!!!! going home 

me and Elder Ebuen form San Nic

batch going home!

 for the winning combo!!!!

my sweet pic....that's a cockroach on the leash...yeah it was last night and the others were packing and gave me color pencils 

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