Wednesday, February 3, 2016


First off thank you all for the words of encouragement. This week was a good week. Tuesday I got a new companion...Elder Peña, he is from Peru..yes we talk soccer...but now he lives in Queens, New York.

So we started this week with just trying to figure out what to do....last transfer we really didn't find much or stuff So we really went finding for....every one...Members that I didn't know Less actives and of course New investigators.

One day as we had been finding we walked down  a street and I notice a small wallet thing... I grabbed it, and it felt my thought was like ID's for school and all that...NOPE I opened it and there was at least 5000 pesos inside...I looked around, was not sure who it went to....I looked and saw a house that was big...has a sign that said lawyer....I asked if it was theirs...a girl came out of the house and said thanks..."you are so honest" is what they said....NOW to prove to you that even though we live a life where we are set apart from the world, Satan is still a real person set on destroying us...when I looked in the wallet after I did't know whose money it was Satan said "you guys are a little low on money at the house and you could eat well later" Thanks to Grandpa Tanner's advice I laughed and said oh SALLY you crack me up.

This week also we saw the world wide missionary broadcast...Elder Andersen Talked about Always have Christ on our lips in all our teachings...I have tried it and it's the best!!! My teaching has been way better, more powerful talaga.....

I love this work and I AM SO HAPPY I AM HERE....I have a short time to show and prove I am the me I can be that is......

pics will came after this emailo...

love you all

So this computer sucks. Next week I will send some new pics, but here are some from Santa Ana that an elder sent to me and Christmas con.

Christmas con

ako elder Ferralles and Fainu

Me and my favorite kid in Santa Ana 

Me and the family that Elder Whitrod and I helped become active. The boy isn't related....the girls are so funny!

 Santa Anna boyz me, Saturos and Farralles and Whitrod

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