Monday, February 29, 2016

MARCH 5 and the Prophet

YES you mark your calendar for March 5 for the wedding and baptism OF the BUTAY FAMILY!!! Well (this is me explaining the prophet part!) Tatay butay has a history as police...and other things so now we have to wait for approval coming from SALT LAKE....good thing is mission president interviewed him and said that he is way good!!!! so we wait but his wife is this up coming March 5.

This week was all good. We did a ton of just looking for people!! but we also had fun doing other stuff like finding new investigators.

This week we really used the time to go visit with members....I don't know why but some missionaries don't like to.... they just go to the bishop and stuff....any way we had two appointments the first one was really good cause the family has pretty much taken in a convert who is struggling in life...she is 14 has a "boy friend" twice her age, doesn't go to this family is great for her!!!! The only bad thing is she doesn't like live live there so she goes home or to her sister's house who..isn't like the best not that she abuses people but she is just a bad example..yeah she has moved from poverty to middle class but...well you know what happens when people make money.....BASTA...after that they gave us some good treats....a ton of we were full...but we went to another member right after who actually gave us dinner!!!!! It was soooo goood, but now I know what the stateside guys feel!!!!

This week was great if you ask me!!!!! We were successful in finding! so couldn't ask for more!!!!

love you all!!!


OK I was a little tired! but we had service that day! 

HANGING can't see but it's bamboo and two thick cords holding it up over water

looks like a banana, no......if you open it is just full of cotton!!!!! 

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