Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week of small and simple blessings

THE work was really hard!!!!!! Wasn't the best but it goes on.

But this week I had opportunity just to really learn things about me and other things.

There was one day that we just went out and talked to everyone we saw...We met an American who is way cool, but he has been everywhere and said his cousin is a red shirt at OSU quarterback I think....Moyles.....I forgot....BAST...He was way cool!!!!

YESTERDAY I had one of the DL's, actually our house mate (kabahay), want me to follow up with him....he asked me a question cause the past few days it's been thin ice with him.....And I explained myself......he said "now I understand...you know I felt like you had a hand to my neck just waiting for me to mess up but now...I know you love me" ALMOST CRIED


But also coming home I sat across from this baby that has Autism...I smiled at her and she would smile back, then I would smile bigger, she would get bigger...it touched my heart in a way that I feel no matter what happens in life it's all OK because its just...I can't explain.....just the joy it gave to see a baby girl smile, that will probably have a really tough life, can give time to smile to a weird American..I can give time to find joy in all things.

Well that's all..you rock!!!!

Mac and Spaghetti... BOMB!

Native Pig 


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