Saturday, January 30, 2016

Probably the toughest.

The week was OK. The week was worthwhile but at the same time it was tough...Know I am ok, It is the best two years of my life...for my life.

But of course we start with no companion...still. That is really hard, let me tell you. As a missionary you have a crazy schedule so you mix elders from other wards you get a crazy full and hard week to set things up. If you mess up there is only one of you; it's all on you....If you think it hasn't happened, it has...I learned from last week though. Last week I would just do, there was no report back....turned out that I did something backward! So it sucked going to a meeting and all eyes say that's wrong, it was suppose to be this. On top of that I am in charge of a zone at the same time a district. BUT I am not complaining that just makes things harder.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS. The AP called last night and said that I will have A NEW COMPANION by Wednesday.

This past Tuesday was way cool. We went to an area I am not real familiar with. I know, like, where a LA lives but I never met them...but this last time instead of going around this circle of houses we took the shortcut. We met a woman who was chopping wood for cooking...yes, they do's great!...Any way we got to know her...turns out she is an endowed member and so is her we talked these other sisters walked up...all members but the husbands are we have a work to do!

I love this work...but it's going to fast....

This past friday we had Interviews with president, BEST TIMING TOO.
While we talked, we talked of things in missionary work and what I was studying and all that...then the question, "what are barriers that could cause you to not fulfill your calling" I expressed that I have been having patience problems. He said "Elder, how blessed are you that you have found this weakness in yourself, NOW we know in the scriptures that HE will make weak things strong, so for you, you have done that finding part now, WORK ON IT." I have been really studying about the life of Christ and his atonement. I really studied it one day, I feel that with a better understanding I see how it blesses my life...I really feel the spirit in my life and it is easier to tell HIS voice than the others in the world..


Sister Dudley riding on the back of a tryc and we are passing the Palengke

 The goat has ginger (bawang) around his neck in case of the vampire (aswang) who is killing and eating the guts.....yes its realll......

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