Saturday, March 12, 2016

Called to SERVE (standing of course)

I know it's a day late but we had MLC yesterday!

This week was way long hahaha but I will jump to the best part!

Wedding and the YSA set up and it was way great (JORDAN you took 2 and a half months to plan, we did it in 2 weeks:) hahahaha

The entire family showed up. There was a cake and it was just so amazing. They loved it and really felt the love of the lord!  I WILL SEND PICS BUT IT WAS JUST AMAAZING.

The stake president was the one to do the ceremony and it was perfect!!! There were so many people and such a great time!!!!

The baptism was just as good and I baptized her!!!! so it was great!

Now the real story:

After the baptism, I had time to reflect. Think of the good but all that came to my mind was " I have six months left, what can I improve." President in a small moment this weekend I felt, hopeless like have I changed. I was convinced that going on a mission at 18 was a bad idea. So got on my knees, I poured my heart out, I felt that God was being silent so begged for his help this time. Then I waited and listened. As I sat next to my bed, I felt this feeling of peace and it felt to say, "my child you have mistook the virtue of GRATITUDE and HUMILITY. But before that you need to continue on what we talked about before...patience." The lord knew I haven't become a master at patience but as I studied those things I notice that to have patience we have to be humble, to accept the lords time and will... After that prayer and that feeling, I got on my knees and started right then and gave thanks for all that he gave me to know what I must do in these last months of my mission. I love the Lord, and can do nothing with out him.

I love the lord and this work!!!!!
Love you all be safe and be awesome always

P.s if you want to meet my mission president and wife click the link below

 our body guard in the house..not really

Exchanges in the other elders area! 

pre wedding 

wedding cake...his name is Nestor but they call him Rambo 

signing the papers  

my photographer taking a selfie


stake president

yours truly with them and PENA  


wedding cake eating

me and Motley ( future friend as and rm)

 me and Elder that kid

me and the two, the elder on the far left just joined.....its ok 

me and the AP's we are close I guess you could say! 

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