Monday, January 11, 2016

We 3 Kings

So I think I might have brought up in the past! But E. Fransico has had pain and is now in Manila recovering! If he comes back, he will be my companion! So for now my companion is the 2 other elders from the other ward but same house!

So transfers are here and a lot are now there is 3 districts in my zone and not 2 and that means one more DL...guess who that is.....ME and I'm still a Zone leader (DL is District leader) Crazy even more yeah, it'a chill, there are just 4 sisters in my district......

This week was CRAZY!!!

First as you know we had MLC and stuff! so that means Thursday was ZTM. I was glad to give the training on WWJD or what would Jesus do....yes, that is actually what's a rather new thing here in the Philippines. I love training! MY OPINION it's the best!

But Thursday is the day that Elder Fransico left, so I was so lucky as to go to trainers training! with the elders in my house! Other than that not a ton happened on Friday!

Saturday we went to Paopay to MY stake meeting with the stake president!
President Andrada was our guest So it was really good! Also we had a baptism, well the sisters had one. I baptized Sister Divine!  So that's way fun!!!!

Sunday I went to church from 8 am till 6:30 pm. WOW! Well there was an area broadcast so that's why! but 2 wards!!!

So that's all. I will go on now and send pics so love you all,

Macho Man Randy Savage THERE IS NO EQUAL 

 E. Frnasico going to the airport

"go to 7-11 first"

ME at PAOAY CHURCH!!! its HUGE CATHOLIC and a huge tourist trap
Sisters Jensen and Aquino



  PRE Zone Training Meeting

Sister Ibanez Espirtitu and Iuelo

Childs Ganzon

Paillio and Wood

Trinidad and Ebuen

Milino and Dudley

Andelin and corpuz

Have a great week!!!!


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