Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Then there was ONE

So Elder Francisco is home.....:(

So this week was hard....we had to half the work.....I went to the area of the other elders cause there is three of us. That was actually the hardest thing!!!!!!

I got to enjoy my duties as a DL last night and follow up...following up is so much more fun than being a ZL following up the DL's

So this week I had a ton of fun in studies! I studied the Bible! NOT JUST THE NEW TESTAMENT OH MAN it's so great seeing how things tie together. And what happens to people who don't follow God's law!!!! hahahaha

Well it's short....I know but I have pictures so I will send those!!!!!


 Sorry if this is offensive. BUT we are just sharing the gospel with ALL people

Yeah SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE soooo good!!!!!!


Yeah.......I like candy!!!! DON't worry, still brush my teeth!!!!! 

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