Tuesday, January 5, 2016


This week was MLC so sorry for the late letter!

This week was a little tough and I will start here telling why!

Well Tuesday was great! I was able to go on exchanges with E. Trinidad our DL! We had a ton of fun finding and just doing what we love! He is still very new but honestly he is way good!

NOW...Wednesday and Thursday! Wednesday morning we worked! but afternoon and all Thursday we didn't work....E. Fransico has been having troubles with his back and we are waiting for area medical to see what they say!
sooo yeah!

Friday I went to GABU on exchanges with the AP's it was a little tough...I woke up that morning just dead, runny nose, head ache...so I did't get to be as high in spirit as much as I wanted to! BUT not all is lost...We were able to have a very spirit filled evaluation! I learned so much from Elder Peterson!!! And all of my concerns he had an answer and solution!!! he taught me how to be a better me!!!! a better missionary!

Yesterday was MLC.. I loved it!!! and again I felt like this time it was really just focused on me...like I had a question or problem and God said. "here...this is what I have to say to you." I love this work! I love just being able to teach every day!!!! I wish I could have a black name tag for longer than 2 years!

Well that's all. I hope you got the pics!!!!


 So This is what the inside of a try-c looks like...if you are wondering the back  of my seat is the sub woofer....yes Jordan One 12 is the seat behind like a plastic window.

YES that is a bridge yes that is a pole of concrete

2 words AIR CON

MY District

Shakey's pizza

 YW in the ward her name is Danaca

Danaca's older sister who, yes, is going to serve a mission...she's just a model..and pageant girl..yes, that is how she dresses for church 

 ME and sister DUDLEY (duddles) she is from PERTH AUS

AP Peterson! A.k.A my idol in the mission!

 STOKES (red) AND KILPACK (blue)



MY BATCH (going home not coming in)

 ONE OF MY FAVE SISTERS Parojinog. She was in my first zone and she was in Laoag 2 when I got there.

Sister Jensen who....is from Blackfoot, Idaho and is also related to John Tanner 

 me and Fransico and Cervantes

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