Monday, June 15, 2015

6 weeks pa

Of course as a trainer you need to stay for 6 weeks even though that's sometimes not the case. BUT for me it is......this will be my 4th transfer here in Laoag. AM I EXCITED? yes

This week I was honored to have another baptism of our wonderfully intelligent investigator pics will be added at the bottom.

THIS WEEK WAS A HARD WEEK. we had a little technical difficulty this week but that's ok. We went into weekly planning with the intent to change this area......I noticed my area we were doing so well last transfer, but I also know that most of my lessons were coming from LA lessons. We wanted to change and add more to our this week we planned out the entire week and any hole we filled guessed it FINDING

THIS week it also just happen to rain and this week the members said that it should rain. A LOT

BAPTISM it was great. We had things planned, people ready to come and just so ready to work on the baptism.......THEN none of the speakers came....the sisters spoke. Everything just went downhill from dear family and friends I refuse to say I was discouraged...because the water still came in....oh and it rained and we lost power....BUT WE LOVED IT!!!!!



SO here's the thing, my computer is being dumb.....sorry is it ok I send them next week......of course

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